Identity & Success Coach for High-Performing Founders, CEO's and Leaders

My clients call me the ceo's coach & confidante™

Because not only do we coach together, I become your private advisor walking you through the complex problems & decisions that land on your plate as a high-achieving leader.

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CEO's and Founders

ways to partner with me 1:1

CEO confidential is a minimum 6 mth commitment. 

Identity coaching focused on self-leadership, with advisory on complex business issues. 


CEO's & Founders of operations exceeding $250k in revenue*


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Walk away with: mindset/clarity/ confidence/ leadership /communication & PR skills

CEO Confidential: Executive Leadership Coaching

Corporate Consulting

Corporate Consulting: Leadership & Culture

I work with 1 company a quarter. Inquire for availability. 



Lunch & learns, coaching training, and culture change consultation. 


Corporations who want to focus on coaching skills for their leaders


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What the guru's forget to tell you is that the work they put into being successful biz is only 30% action & strategy and 70% mindset & identity. 

With over 15 years of coaching experience, both on and offline,
I have the knowledge, insight, and power to shift your identity and help you find more fulfillment knowing WHO the fck you are, and detaching your purpose from WHAT you do. 

I am a bit of a black sheep and won't subject myself to a
cookie-cutter approach to building success

A N D  N E I T H E R  S H O U L D  Y O U !

Don't be a white sheep following the herd. Be the Black Sheep who stands out for their creative & innovative success. 

There's an art to coaching.
It's a craft and a calling. 

Meet RobyN

Be known for your brilliance. Success is WHO you are, not the work that you do.

"The growth of becoming a leader is a far greater mountain than Mt. Everest"

Prepare for an inside look into the world of CEOs, where I'll unveil the secrets of CEO life and share invaluable insights on running a successful business. Join me as we uncover the strategies of industry titans and dissect the inner workings of their million-dollar enterprises.

Get ready as I pull back the curtain on the discussions that usually take place behind closed doors. Tune in weekly for your exclusive access to the conversations shaping the business landscape.

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