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Many entrepreneurs believe that leadership is as simple as leading a team, but let's not confused leadership & management.

Leadership is all about YOU: how you act, respond, communicate and serve. Leadership is in your mind & your heart, not the performative actions of leading.

A leadership mindset is the absolute key to scaling your business and reaching the wealth, freedom and success you deserve. 

We are our own worst enemy and absolutely terrible AT FOLLOWING OUR OWN ADVICE

The only person keeping you small is YOU!


One of the main roadblocks to success is gathering the confidence to get out there and take action. Often disguised as imposter syndrome, women find themselves in the gathering stage for far too long. It's my job to help you take messy action and stretch you beyond your comfort zone

So what does it take to grow the leader within you? 


One of the key factors of emotional intelligence, self-awareness is needed in order to navigate relationships effectively. Self-awareness is one of the key areas where leaders fail, so honing in on this skill will ensure a purposeful connection in the way you communicate with your team, clients and other people in your life.

So what does it take to grow the leader within you? 


Ever wonder why 80% of new businesses close their doors within 5 years? It's because they failed to adapt. Adaptability is a cornerstone of growth. The basic human instinct is to fear and avoid change, but strengthening our ability to adapt will allow for us to easily confront change that would otherwise incapacitate us. Let's be real: 2020 was a test for humankind, and our ability to adapt is what got many people and businesses through the pandemic. 

So what does it take to grow the leader within you? 


Let's just get one thing straight: curiosity did not kill the cat. That proverb was created to stop people from expanding their horizons past their class - a concept that has been following for way too long. Curiosity is not something to be feared, it's to be embraced. Because curiosity allows for creativity. It breaks down barriers, and opens doors to transparency and communication. Exactly what is needed for great leadership

So what does it take to grow the leader within you? 


Being vulnerable, means allowing all the walls to come down and showing you - the real, authentic, raw you. And that's a scary place to be. But what if vulnerability could come easily, and that transition actually allows you to impact more people? I want to show you how vulnerability is the best approach to leadership and marketing, which will lead to signing more clients and becoming more profitable.

So what does it take to grow the leader within you? 

Leadership is the new barometer for a successful business

This is how I help coaches & mentors achieve that success

My mini-course, THE CEO BLUEPRINT, can help you with the foundations needed to start taking action and stepping into your role as CEO. 


If you are already embodying what it means to be a CEO and want a high-touch, high impact experience, then these are the products for you. My expertise is mindset for leaders and success coaching. Quite often we view leadership as a role we play in our teams, when in fact leadership plays a bigger role in a successful business. Using ICF and NLP approaches to coaching, I help you elevate your success through self-leadership.


Then you are ready for my signature program, MIND OF A LEADER. This program is the exact framework I use with my high-level clients to help them scale their biz, and access the wealth & freedom they desire. 

Want to work independently on leadership?

I realized that the reason I love coaching entrepreneurs so much is that I truly love being a part of the process that shapes leaders. I THRIVE on people who take control of their lives, jobs & businesses. Knowing more about their leadership styles, and the opportunities they have within them, actually INCREASES their likelihood of success
My personal story is one that so many women have experienced.

I was a woman, trying to make my way in patriarchal, hierarchical organizations that silenced voices instead of amplifying them. Always the classic “be a yes person, keep your head down, keep your emotions at the door” kind of atmospheres.
And although I can’t change the culture of those organizations, I can CERTAINLY change the way leaders lead, one person at a time.

Leadership is my

Meet Robyn



PS - I am not just any coach, I am a freaking fantastic coach.  I have 10+ years of leadership coaching experience, with ICF, NLP life & mindset training and certification. I use an evidence based approach to coaching, combining my experience and research in behavioural sciences, psychology and coaching best practices to create the most success for each of my clients. 


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Before working with her, I was discouraged and overwhelmed and ready to throw in the towel. She helped me get back on track and really step into the space I was meant to be in. Her personality is so wonderful and she connected with me, especially as a more introverted person, in a way that made sense to me and fit my style. She was a joy to work with and always so responsive. Robyn gives the perfect amount of actual advice vs. questions to help me think through things. I'm 110% happy that I chose to work with Robyn and would recommend her to anyone!

Robyn was a lifesaver!

libby simon

Career coach

There have been belief systems I have been working on changing for many years, and in as little as two sessions with Robyn, she had me believing in those abilities where I lacked confidence before. She has an immaculate way of pulling on all of those threads that light you up and guides you towards your true purpose. If you are looking for a coach who will help you achieve real results, look no further than Robyn.
She leads with integrity and has the training, experience and client results to back her up.

Robyn's coaching style centres around the empowerment of her clients.

amanda bellamy

Systems strategist & Mentor

Robyn was amazing with her support. I gained so much business knowledge but more importantly my mindset continues to improve. That was my biggest takeaway: her encouraging words when I doubted myself. I enjoyed how you pushed me out of my comfort zone to do the hard things in my business I was avoiding. Thank you!

Robyn was amazing with her support!

amber hansel

social media strategist

that I sometimes can't see in myself, and this has helped my confidence soar to new heights. She understands that business strategy isn't one-size-fits-all, and together, we have created a plan to meet my goals that feels true to my personality. That being said, she has also encouraged me to try new things, which have accelerated the growth of my business! I would recommend Robyn to anyone looking for a coach who truly understands how to apply business strategy & leadership to a person's unique strengths and personality traits!

I believe that robyn can see the potential...

jess dalrymple

content marketing mentor

I am a huge Introvert and struggle with showing up and staying consistent on Social Media -- particularly Instagram. As a fellow Introvert herself, she completely understood where I was coming from. She uses her experience of overcoming self-doubt and imposter syndrome in herself, to help her clients overcome their doubts. That is why her coaching just resonated and stuck with me so much. I truly enjoyed working with Robyn and highly recommend her to anyone considering a coach -- introvert or not -- she is the coach for you!

working with RObyn has helped me in my biz tremendously. 

jennifer carfora

brand & website designer

 I knew that I needed someone to guide me, and am thankful that I found her! She knows what it takes to build a thriving business. Robyn’s coaching style is to ask questions that lead me to set goals, make decisions and prioritize what is important to me and my business.  Most importantly, she builds my confidence as an entrepreneur and businesswoman. Robyn is a professional, positive, creative and insightful coach who has had a tremendous impact on my professional life. I value her knowledge and expertise and am forever grateful to be working with this amazing coach. I recommend her to anyone who is looking to move ahead in business and in life! 

working with RObyn has made all the difference to my biz.

lana wilson

owner/CEO Lana Teaches


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