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Why a Coach Can Help You Accelerate the Growth of Your Business

Every single entrepreneur in the world is looking for ways to accelerate the growth of their business.

If you’re looking for a magic pill, I’m sorry to be the one to tell you there isn’t one. This goes for magic strategies too… If you’ve been in the online business game for more than ten minutes, you’ve already been bombarded with promises – 

“If you apply this one amazing strategy, you’ll be making 10K in your business by the end of the program!”


“Let me tell you about my client who went from $0 to 5K in two days by using this one simple technique!”

-or my personal favorite- 

“Use Instagram to fill your client list and have people begging to work with you!”

In fact, my coaching philosophy is founded on the exact opposite belief – 

In order to become wildly profitable, you have to craft your own customized approach based on your unique business style and personality. 

And regardless of where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, there is one way to accelerate your growth that is not based in magic pill strategies or false promises…

Having a coach by your side.

Humor me and try this little exercise to prove my point ~ 

1- Look around your room and look at everything that is brown. 

2- Now close your eyes. Don’t look again! 

3- How many things did you see that were green? 

How did you do? Could you name all the green objects? 

Most people do a really good job at seeing and naming off all the brown objects. But when you have a specific focus, it’s hard to back up and see the big picture. 

This is what a coach can do for you. She will help you see the “green” so you can build a well-rounded business. In other words, a coach helps you see all the things that would have otherwise been blind spots. 

Types of Coaching

1-1 Coaching

One-on-one coaching can be the ultimate accelerator for achieving your business goals. After all, you have someone right by your side examining all the parts of your business with a magnifying glass.

Benefits – 

1 – When you have a true coach – someone who doesn’t impose their feelings or tell you HOW to do things, but instead asks you the right questions to guide you, you’ll actually rewire your brain to overcome deep-seated barriers. 

The importance is psychological. If I tell you as an introvert to go sell yourself to 5 people, you’re not going to make that connection point. 

If, instead, I ask questions to get at the root of the reason why selling is difficult, the fact that you dig deep and develop your own answers will create that connection point and trigger change – and ultimately – action!

It’s been ingrained in us how to work in groups, how to follow a leader, how to work within specific hours since we were in school. But, entrepreneurship is the complete opposite in every way. So, for many people, it is necessary to rewire the brain to change this traditional way of thinking. 

2 – A coach can facilitate growth on any topic because the coach’s role is to listen and observe your words, tone, and body language, to assess where you’re struggling then ask questions.

3 – A coach will help you see a grander perspective. A coach can help you to see ways to capitalize on your strengths or focus on tasks that are more important to achieving your particular goals. 

4 – Having a coach means having someone in your corner. As entrepreneurs we don’t have coworkers or a leader directing our business. A coach can be that person for you, which will not only take the loneliness out of entrepreneurship, but also propel your growth!

Group coaching

This is a coaching option that can be incredibly effective, and it’s often under-appreciated!

Benefits –  

1 – You get the benefits of coaching PLUS access to a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

I’ve made amazing friendships with ladies I’ve met in group coaching situations. In fact, my biz bestie and I met in a group coaching program. We have a powerful bond because of the camaraderie we experienced in the group and now we connect every day to encourage each other in meeting our business goals! This has been essential for my accountability and in taking away the isolation that goes hand-in-hand with entrepreneurship. 

2 – You’ll build a community and create bonds.

The other women in the program become your coworkers in essence because you’re able to share experiences, sometimes even trade services. The power of community and connection keeps you from feeling alone in the online space. Also, you’ll learn so much from how fellow entrepreneurs are approaching similar challenges!

3 – If you are new to coaching, a group program is a great way to test what works best for you.

Also, group coaching is typically a lower investment.

4 – In a group coaching situation, you’ll have the opportunity to build back up the foundational elements of your business.

This will give you strategies to help with common challenges often rooted in the foundational systems and processes. 

If you’re looking for a surefire way to accelerate the growth of your business so you’ll hit your income goals and scale to the level you’ve been dreaming of, the best thing you can do is seek out the type of support a coach can give you.

If you’re looking for a coach to walk side-by-side and guide you on your entrepreneurial journey, I have 1-1 and group coaching options:  

Check out my 1-1 coaching packages, designed to give you the highest level of support in all areas of your business.

Check out my group coaching program Marketing for the Social Introvert

September 26, 2020

Robyn MacNeill

Hi, I'm Robyn

and I am passionate about empowering introvert coaches & service pro's to step out of the shadows & scale their business using proven marketing methods

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