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How to Attract Your Next High Ticket Client – Part 1

Landing high-ticket ideal clients is the ultimate goal for most service-based entrepreneurs. After all, when you have higher paying clients, you don’t need to book as many to meet your income goals, which frees you up to serve fewer clients really well and reduce the time you spend on marketing yourself for new leads. But – this can be intimidating, especially if you’re on the introverted side or newer in your business. 

In this post, I will be sharing tips about how to attract your high ticket client, as well as some unforeseen benefits that will come your way when you make this happen! 

Tips for How to Attract Your Next High Ticket Client

Tip #1 – Speak Directly to Them

If you want to attract a more ideal, higher-paying client you need to speak directly to them. Talk at their level, discuss their pain points, and use words or phrases that they would use. 

If you still aren’t sure what to say, it’s time to do some exploring. Find your ideal high ticket clients on social media.

What are they saying in their videos and posts?

What are they interested in?

What words and phrases are they using?

What’s important to them?

What are their goals?

How can you help them reach their goals more quickly – and how can you address this in their unique way of phrasing things? 

Tip #2 – No more excuses!

I’m going to give you some tough love here… 

Stop making excuses, and start talking about the products and services that you really want to sell!

You need to avoid all the excuses as to why your audience isn’t ready to talk high ticket/high level.

It’s honestly not that you are wrong, but in assuming high-level prospects aren’t tuning in, you automatically adjust and speak to a more familiar, low ticket, entry-level audience. Then you get frustrated/sad/hurt when no one jumps on a call to discuss your high ticket services or no one buys your high ticket offers.

If you aren’t talking about how you can solve the high-level types of problems, high-ticket clients won’t naturally see you as their potential solution. 

Tip #3 – If people are always purchasing your highest ticket item, it’s time to raise your prices.

High-ticket doesn’t necessarily mean unaffordable, it just means that fewer people will make the investment. It also means you have one product or service that – when you book it – makes an incredible difference to your business.

For example, bringing in one $1000 per month client or one $500 product sale, generally has a bigger profit margin than 4 clients at $250 per month or 10 products at $50 each.

No matter what you sell, make sure you always have just one desirable item that fills that high-ticket gap, and know that someone, somewhere can afford it and will purchase it. I promise you – the higher ticket client of your dreams is out there, ready for you to get in front of them!

Unforeseen Benefits You’ll Notice as a Result of Attracting Higher Ticket Clients 

1- Did you know that speaking to your high ticket audience helps you grow your low ticket audience?!

The fact is that we all want to be the best, and we listen more intently to high-level discussions, even if we aren’t ready to invest in a high-level service. 

2- Your confidence will grow. 

Imagine this – when you start attracting your ideal clientele, you’ll believe in yourself just the same way that they do. You’ll be doing the work you love for the people you set out to be working with. Your business goals will be within your reach, and you’ll be feeling successful and profitable! 

And the money will start flowing!

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start doing everything in your power to attract your ideal high-level clients to you! 

You’ll be one step closer to meeting your income goals and building up your confidence in ways you’ve only been imagining. 

Do you wish you had someone by your side, coaching you on exactly what to say and do to attract your ideal high-ticket future clients?

That’s what I do as an introvert coach – I help female entrepreneurs discover their “introvert superpowers” so they can rewrite the rules of entrepreneurship and build an authentic business that’s wildly profitable.

And part of my coaching is working through both your business plan and communication tactics that will allow you to meet your high-level goals!

Contact me if you’re ready to make a bold move and start landing those high-ticket clients with the help of a coach

October 4, 2020

Robyn MacNeill

Hi, I'm Robyn

and I am passionate about empowering introvert coaches & service pro's to step out of the shadows & scale their business using proven marketing methods

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