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How to Attract Your Next High Ticket Client – Part 2

How badly do you want to sign at least one high ticket client? 

A high-ticket client who values your services SO much that she scoops up your biggest offer and keeps coming back for more month after month. 

That ONE person who could make or break your income goals and be the reason your business vision come to fruition! 

That ONE person who could mean the difference between hustling to sell multiple low ticket packages to make ends meet and finally building a long-term relationship with ONE client. 

Basically, life could settle down if you could just land that ONE high-investment client, am I right?

Well, are you ready for some tough love? 

You can’t just present your high-investment offer to your ideal client and expect them to sign right up. There are things you need to have in place first – things that will draw those dream clients to you. Things that will allow them to visualize working with YOU because you are presenting yourself at their level in the game.

How much of a relief would it be if someone just told you what to say and what to do to become a high ticket client magnet? I’ve got you on both! Read on to find out what you need to say and do to step up your game and land those dream clients who are ready to invest.

Three Things You Need to Be Saying

1- Are you talking about high-level problems or low-level problems? 

The people who have the means to invest in high-level services aren’t worried about how to create a snazzy lead magnet. They’re wondering about how to set up elaborate sales funnels to generate passive income. When you think about your services, you need to put yourself in high-level entrepreneurs’ shoes. What are they worried about/ not worried about at this stage in their business? 

2- Are you only speaking about the basic benefits you can accomplish? 

Please don’t share that you will save people time! They already know this. Talk about how you can make them money – and the specific way you will do it! What is the transformation they will experience when they work with you?

3- Are you presenting yourself authentically? 

Speak with the words you’d normally use! Don’t try to be someone else.

4- Are you avoiding bringing up the topic of money/ return on investments? 

Look, I know it’s common to think that when you talk money/ the importance of investing you might repel potential clients, but you’ve GOT to talk about money to get people to spend money!

Three Things You Need to Be Doing 

Basically, what it all comes down to is that you need to create a high-level online professional presence. 

Think about it this way – the people you are trying to attract want and expect a high dollar experience when they’re considering making an investment. That’s undoubtedly how they run their businesses and they will value working with other people who take supreme care to do the same. 

1- Do you have a professional-looking (and high-functioning) website?

  • Is it user-friendly or is it difficult for visitors to find what they’re looking for? 
  • Is the visual aesthetic consistent with your brand? Also, does it feel luxurious?
  • If someone wants to contact you, do you have a professional email (with your domain name – not Gmail)?
  • Are there high-quality photos of you? (No selfies and good lighting!)
  • Is your web copy displaying your writing at a higher level? 

Make sure you’re consistently using the words and phrases your ideal client is using that make them think “high value!”

  • Ex. “I can give you back 3 hours of your week” is NOT high level
  • Ex. Using feelings, connections, transformation they will experience IS high value!
  • Is your font professional? (Sorry, comic sans is NOT professional!)

2. Is your branding consistent regardless of where your potential clients interact with you? 

  • Is your presence cohesive between social media, your website, etc.?
  • Are you showing confidence in your brand and how it’s different?

Confidence leads to authority and authority is what sells!

3. Do you have proper workflows and processes in place that make everything from scheduling the first call, to offboarding, really easy and completely streamlined?

  • Do you have a smooth onboarding system in place? 

I recommend creating a welcome guide. 

Make sure it’s beautifully branded! Remember, your presentation screams value! 

Think about how real estate agencies create a custom marketing guide to showcase their high ticket properties. They do this on purpose! They know that a luxury experience attracts high-level buyers, and they also know that people will choose to work with them over someone else because of this brochure! 

I have a welcome guide because I have seen this principle WORK. 

It includes the following sections – ALL laid out in a beautiful way: 

  • What is the 1:1 coaching experience?
  • My signature framework 
  • Expectations of the contract 
  • Do you have a systemic offboarding process in place?

If you don’t have things set up through a CRM (Client Relationship Management) system, it’s time! Chances are, you don’t have the time or the capability to perform onboarding and offboarding workflows seamlessly and professionally when you’re doing it manually. 

  • Do you have a plan in place for communication?

One recommendation I have is to include a month-end summary (a report with analytics and/or work accomplished/ goals achieved, plus next steps you’ll take to continue to help your clients grow.) When you do extra things like this, your clients will remain loyal to you because they will feel nurtured and confident that they are receiving the highest level of value from you! 

  • Have you created workflows for how you’ll manage your client work?

You cannot portray yourself as top-level if you’re functioning by doing things as they occur to you. Have a checklist or a replicable process that you always follow.

Bottom line – If you are trying to attract clients who are high-ticket investors, you have to present yourself as high-ticket yourself. You will instill confidence and authority in how you conduct yourself professionally. 

If you need help setting yourself up for success, I’ve got you covered! Check out my coaching packages to get my eyes on how you can boost your professional presence. I can help you attract those high-ticket clients you’ve been dreaming of and get you well on your way to building the business you’ve been imagining!

January 16, 2021

Robyn MacNeill

Hi, I'm Robyn

and I am passionate about empowering introvert coaches & service pro's to step out of the shadows & scale their business using proven marketing methods

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