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PODCAST: What if…we started a podcast?

What if… We Started a Podcast?

The Marketing Unscripted Podcast Origin Story

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Sneak Peek into the episode:

It all started when we realized we were having some amazing conversations and also some success with putting a few unconventional ideas about how to market and grow our businesses into practice. 

So, we thought – why not put those quirky conversations and bold ideas out there?  What if our coffee chats could help other women who are trying to make their entrepreneur dreams come true? What if we could show women that they can change the “norm” and pave a pathway that is truly matched to the lifestyle they’re best suited for?

In this very first ever episode of the Marketing Unscripted Podcast, you’ll learn the story behind why we ditched the idea of having a plan B whatsoever and decided we need to make the entrepreneur life our ONLY option- and why- once we made that decision, we’ve never looked back.

Introducing Marketing Unscripted

Our biggest hope is to question the traditional rules of entrepreneurship – and ask what if?? – so other purpose-driven entrepreneurs just like us can pave their own unique way and build a wildly profitable online business on no one else’s terms but their own.

The podcast is hosted by Robyn MacNeill – Content Marketing Mentor/ Business Coach and Jess Dalrymple – Copywriter/ Content Strategist. 

How did Jess & Robyn Meet? 

Robyn hired me for some copywriting jobs – emails, sales pages, and stuff like that. And soon after that, I hired Robyn for some much needed business coaching.  

We connected because we both agreed that we couldn’t do things the same way as everyone else. One reason for this is that our businesses were a second career for both of us. Entrepreneurship was a dream we’d had in the back of our minds for years. So we were very dedicated to making our business plans work – and probably extra afraid of failure! 

So we bonded over these types of conversations. We were beyond committed to making our dreams a reality, but also, neither of us were interested in settling for a basic business plan that someone else created for the life they were trying to build. 

The Big Turning Point For Both of Us: When We Each Let Go of “Plan B”

When our conversations started, we were both holding onto a “Plan B”. 

We both thought that if this entrepreneur thing didn’t work out, we could just try the 9-5 again. In fact, we both admitted that we spent some time early on applying for jobs – just in case. 

This isn’t that unusual. We left careers that we had devoted half our working lives to. We both walked away from a retirement plan, and (what we thought at the time) was a 9-5 security – a familiar way to do life. 

But we both had aha moments when we realized – NO! Going back to the 9-5 life isn’t the thing that’s going to help us build what we want for ourselves or our families. And we asked eachothe – Why are we putting so much energy into another job we don’t even really want? 

This is exactly where our rebelliousness started, honestly. 

When we made that shift in our minds – that there was no longer such a thing as a plan B – THAT’S when things started happening for both of us. That’s when we started achieving goals and even surpassing them in many cases! 

And at this point, we think – why didn’t we go for this two years ago? Ha ha! The old saying applies – “If we just knew back then what we know now”… neither of us would have hesitated or second-guessed one bit. 

So that leads us to why we want to share our experiences, our questions, and our conversations through a podcast. 

There are so many women out there who aren’t hearing this message. And they may be in the early stages of entrepreneurship like we were – with big dreams – but also big fears. AND there might be women out there who are also questioning the traditional ways of doing things. But, we want to empower other women to ask themselves – why not throw the rule book out the window? And also – what if I keep at it and achieve everything I’m working for – and more?!

What to Expect Out of the Podcast

We’ll be talking through the basics of marketing – always through the lens of “what if..” 

But the format will be conversational. A kind of real and sometimes vulnerable talk show between two friends, and every so often, some fantastic other female entrepreneurs we’ve learned from and admired along the way. 

Bottom line – we want to change the norm. 

We want to share the message that the only norm you should have is the one that makes sense for YOU. 

You won’t be able to create the successes you’re being told you need to build the perfectly matched and sustainable business for your life. 

We hope you’ll join us for a new Marketing Unscripted episode each Friday!

If you listen to the Marketing Unscripted podcast in January 2021, you can win a $50 Apple or Google Play gift card! 

How to enter the giveaway:

  1. Write a review on the podcast platform you are listening through.
  1. Take a screenshot of that review or the episode you are listening to and post it on instagram.
  1. Tag & like @jess_virtualwriter and @robyn.macneill 

This giveaway is our way of saying thank you for being a part of this virtual launch party! 

January 16, 2021

Robyn MacNeill

Hi, I'm Robyn

and I am passionate about empowering introvert coaches & service pro's to step out of the shadows & scale their business using proven marketing methods

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