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PODCAST: What if… marketing was about authenticity?

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We’ve found that when we don’t plan every little detail out, we market and sell more authentically. In fact, the data shows that those times when we feel most passionate and aligned to our true selves, we’ve had the greatest reach and engagement and sales success as entrepreneurs.  

So we are wondering – is the “be yourself strategy” the best marketing strategy to follow?  

What does authentic marketing look like?

When it comes to this idea, we have more questions than answers. Where we struggle when we try to implement the “be yourself” strategy, is with how much of ourselves we should be putting out there. Where does that boundary lie with how much of yourself you should be giving? After all, there is some aspect of planning that is necessary when you’re developing the marketing strategy for your business. What’s the balance? 

Lots of experts recommend being 75%-80% business and 20-25% personal with your content marketing. But, if we’re TRULY being authentic, wouldn’t that mean that you’re showing up based more on instincts than on a strategic plan?

Two things we believe make up authentic marketing

First – Authenticity is about building true relationships and connections with people. People will see through your ulterior motives for reaching out to them. Instead, reach out to people when you truly feel connected to something they say or something they share or something about their business that resonates at the heart level with what you believe in as well. 

Second – Authenticity is about letting your core values lead the way when you reach out to people and in how you craft your brand messaging. 

For example, if family is one of your values, then you’ll probably authentically enjoy sharing content about your family. And you will probably make the most authentic connections with other moms because your values are in alignment. 

When you aren’t aligned with your core values, you lose your authenticity

When you’re feeling stuck, your values can help you move back into an authentic place. 

If family is the value you want to hold in your number one spot, and you feel like you aren’t spending enough time with your family, you will find yourself burning out and resenting the time you’re spending on your business. And once you make some changes and get time with your family back on track, you’ll find yourself having more fun with your business again.  

Once you’re in better alignment with your values, how do you make them feel authentic?

Say a value for you is impact, meaning your mission is to make an impact by helping others move forward and grow.. how do you make sure you’re authentically sharing your desire to make an impact? In other words, how do you help people see that your desire to make an impact is the reason you’re selling, and you aren’t just putting your offer out there for the money. 

One way to ensure your values are in the driver’s seat when you’re marketing and selling is by telling a story. When you share a story about a time you were truly IMPACTING someone’s life, your true passion for that value will shine through. 

Also, it’s important to stop and think about what is holding you back – what is not in alignment with your values – when your marketing and messaging aren’t resonating with you or with your audience. 

How to determine your core values and get yourself on the path to authenticity

1- Google “core values” and endless resources will come up. 

2- Circle the values that stand out for you. 

3- Make a mind map. Write a value in the middle and name all the things you do in your business that align with that value. See how far you can get with each value. The ones you’re not finding your business is aligned with deserve greater reflection. Why aren’t you bringing those things to life as a business owner? What changes could you make to ensure your values are propelling you towards authenticity?

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March 25, 2021

Robyn MacNeill

Hi, I'm Robyn

and I am passionate about empowering introvert coaches & service pro's to step out of the shadows & scale their business using proven marketing methods

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