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PODCAST: What if… Social Media is dead (part II)?

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What if Social Media is Dead PART 2 is here by popular demand! 

We recorded PART 1 right before the social media sensation CLUBHOUSE came on the scene. 

If you missed PART 1, check it out right here

Is Clubhouse the new IT place to be as an entrepreneur?

Robyn’s Answer = YES. 

There are so many rooms you can jump into and so many opportunities to make authentic connections. Robyn found two people on Clubhouse who she had been following on Instagram for a full year, and within two hours of interacting, she felt like she actually got to know them!

Also, Clubhouse isn’t the glamour show that Instagram and Facebook are. The conversations are very raw and very real and very vulnerable. On those other platforms, you have the same group of people you basically run around with. On Clubhouse, you encounter so many new people – and different perspectives are honored. 

In fact, Robyn described an encounter in a room where a conversation was happening regarding the struggles of introverts. A fairly famous culinary expert with tens of thousands of followers on Instagram was in that room and an amazing coaching conversation got started between the two of them. That scenario wouldn’t have been possible on Instagram or Facebook. In fact, on other platforms, the two of them would likely never have even met, let alone connected.   

Jess’ Answer = The jury is still out. 

Jess describes her first thought was to resist the trendy new hot spot when everyone was losing their minds wanting to get an invitation into Clubhouse.

But… it is very intriguing to think that you can avoid the algorithm game. With every other social media platform, you’re at the mercy of whatever shows up in your feed. With Clubhouse, you have the power of choice. Whatever is on your mind – personal or business-related – there’s probably a room for it. You get to choose where you go and which conversations you want to be a part of.

The reason for saying “the jury is still out” is because in many business-related rooms it has felt like a rush of coaches trying to be the first one to the stage. Witnessing a bunch of people trying to build up their following and fight for attention is a bit of a turn off. 

However, there’s no denying that the potential is there for true connection on Clubhouse. 

Can You Use Clubhouse as a Piece of Your Marketing Strategy?

We discussed six ways you could use Clubhouse as a piece of your marketing strategy.

1- You can strategically use Clubhouse by scheduling your own rooms. You can schedule conversation topics, and seek to make connections with people interested in your topic. 

2- You can help people SO much more quickly than you can mentoring them over time in a FB group. In fact, we see Clubhouse completely replacing Facebook groups. You are talking more broadly in a FB live situation, whereas you are making instant connections, showing up as a leader and an authority, and truly helping people in the moment on Clubhouse. 

3- Use your bio to share what you do, how you help, and how to connect with you outside the platform. (There’s a LOT more room in the bio than on other platforms to include all of this info!)

4- If you need clarity about the pain points of your ideal clients, jump into a room! Pain points are what start most of the business-related conversations!

5- We see Clubhouse working well for coaches, service-based, AND product-based entrepreneurs. Anyone can open a room that’s specific to their niche. This gives an opportunity to share your knowledge in your area of expertise, but then you can let the questions people ask steer the conversation. No longer will it be necessary to come up with five new talking points for your live videos or social media posts each week.

6- There isn’t an algorithm that is keeping you in your bubble. You can attract a new audience with one topic of conversation that you rinse and repeat over and over. New conversations and new questions spark new content, so a room based around a particular topic is never the same experience. You don’t have to rack your brain and come up with 1000 new ideas and content angles to try and overcome the algorithm and get in front of new people. 

Bottom line – Social Media is alive and well – it’s just evolving into something a LOT more SOCIAL and a LOT more authentic with platforms like Clubhouse – dedicated to building real connections.

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March 25, 2021

Robyn MacNeill

Hi, I'm Robyn

and I am passionate about empowering introvert coaches & service pro's to step out of the shadows & scale their business using proven marketing methods

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