3 Ways to Organize Yourself and Your Business

As a small business owner myself (and an epic procrastinator) I realize the importance of organizing your business. Here are 3 strategies you can complete today to save time and make more money.


Probably the most important way in which you can organize yourself, is to really define your current workflow and make improvements. Many of us naturally have a rhythm in which we work, starting each day with the same routine.

I challenge you to write down your current workflow. Take a moment to record all the tasks you complete in a day. Once you have it all written down, it’s much easier to take some to evaluate it and find strategies to increase efficiency. To get started, ask yourself this questions:

  1. Am I spending the right amount of time on each task?
  2. Are these tasks necessary for the day to day management of my business?
  3. Am I repeating tasks unnecessarily throughout the day?
  4. Can I find a different time in my day to schedule these tasks out?

If you can think of ways in which to clean up these areas of your workday, you will find that your workflow will be more efficient. This will leave you more time to focus on the things that make you happy (and make you money!).


I recently did an instagram poll, to see how many people use a paper or a digital planner. Would you be surprised that 80% of my followers use a paper planner? I sure was!

Not everyone has embraced the digital world when it comes to organization, and that’s ok! What is important is that you use some sort of system to plan out the important tasks and be able to prioritize your day.

Scheduling appointments, phone calls and even tasks straight into your planner can help you feel more on top of things and ease the stress of having to remember each task that needs completing each day.

A wise person once told me that if you take the first 10 minutes of your day to just sit and plan out your day. Don’t rush to turn on the computer or answer your phone message. Once you start implementing this simple strategy, you will find yourself being more productive and feeling more accomplished.

By the way, I am still a paper planner user so I am giving away this freebie, a printable planner exclusively for all my friends.


There are two kinds of people out there, the ones that have 1,367 email notifications or those that open every single email (having read it or not) so as not to show the notification icon.

Listen, it can be hard to read every email, especially when you receive 30 subscription emails in addition to the ones your customers send. But instead of feeling overwhelmed an letting that number climb, I recommend spending dedicated time to organizing your emails.

Email services have so many capabilities that we (me included) underutilize.

First, go through all your subscription emails and do a little clean-up. Take time to go through your lists, and unsubscribe to any email newsletters that you never read or you don’t really ever plan to purchase from them. Remember you can always sign-up again if you decide to become a customer.

Next, auto-forward the remaining subscription emails to a separate folder. This will keep your main inbox available for those important customer and supplier emails that will need addressing more immediately. You can also use flags and colours to help sort the remaining emails into priorities.

So there you have it! These are 3 things I think any small business can accomplish in such a short time. Be careful! Once you start you may find yourself hooked on organizing.

Cheers, xx

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