5 Tips to Scale Up and Make More Money in 2020

As small business owners, we get stuck working so hard for others that we rarely find time to work on our own business. Last week on our Social Media we shared just 5 small things you can do each week to find time to work on your business. Follow these 5 tips to scale up and make more money in 2020.

Tip 1: take an hour at the start of your week

Have you ever started the week, and went head-on into your emails or checking voicemails? Before you know it you are exhausted and have no idea what you have done all day?

That used to be me. I was that person. I always felt like I was so productive, but really it was just my being reactionary to my inbox.

Take the first hour of your work week to prioritize and plan for the week ahead. DO NOT check your voicemails and make sure to turn off your email notifications.

Basically, I am asking you to just take some time to plan your week. Doing this will help keep you focused on what needs to be done. Planning means you can spread your work more easily throughout each day when you can see it all in a glance.

Tip 2: scroll social media with intention

When planning, be sure to decide how much time you want to be on social media and write it down. Next, set an intention for what you are going to focus on while scrolling through your social media accounts.

Are you there for research/reading/news?
Do you use it to catchup with family and friends?
Or, do you spend time posting, engaging, researching, interacting for your business?

So often we get caught up in a post, we completely forget our intent of going on social media. Setting an intention and writing it down, will ensure that you focus your time in a more productive way. Having that time limit will free up time to spend working on even just one small aspect of your business.

Be sure to set yourself a timer!

tip 3: Schedule time to work on your business

This tip is very similar to tip 1, and in fact they are linked in many ways; However, I wanted to be really specific that this time HAS to be scheduled.

When creating your schedule for the week, be sure to include time to work on your business.

For myself, I schedule and hour every day. At 2pm, I turn off my phone and my emails, and for 1 hour I just work on my business.

I use that hour to learn a new skill or keep updated with technology trends. I have used it to take mini-courses or masterclasses on subjects related to my work.

tip 4: outsource tasks that can save you time

This tip is so huge, and often we stand in our way of success. We need to let go of things in order to free ourselves up for bigger and better things. Someone said to me recently “you need to make the space for good things, because without space, they won’t be able to fit in your life”. Powerful, right?

Which is why you need to delegate or even outsource just 1 task to someone else. These tasks are taking up valuable time, yet they are so easy to outsource to a Virtual Assistant. Tasks such as:

Email Management

Checking, filtering and responding to simple emails can be done by anyone. We all have email and most of us know how to use it. With a few simple pointers, you can easily delegate this task and have them up and running within a day.

Social Media

Often we use our business accounts wrong, and we follow friends or things that personally interest us. We are so attached to our own social media, but we don’t have to be. Scheduling and engagement can be easily delegated or outsourced. I guarantee with the right fit, you will see a return on your investment in such a short time.

(BTW if you are using your business instagram for personal interests, STOP IT!!! You should be following potential clients or accounts that related directly to your business. This will also make it easier to let go.)


How often have you sat there, staring at your computer, trying to create copy or content for your blog or website? You stare and stare, and can’t think of anything so you go do something else. All of the sudden 6 months have flown by, and you haven’t written a single thing.

I have been there!!

You can (and should) outsource this kind of work to a professional. Whether it’s for blogs or social media, we all fall in to a slump sometimes. We get to that place where you would rather walk a mile up hill both ways in snow without shoes, before having to deal with your content.

It doesn’t happen all the time, but it does happen. You may not need a copywriter now, or a year from now. But you should already start researching and find someone who fits your brand and voice. Why? You need to start building a relationship with them. You need to trust them. Then, when you are feeling uninspired to write, you will have already built a connection with someone you trust.

Not only can they help you in a slump, the copywriter can focus your sales page. Isn’t that preferable to ignoring it? Ya, I thought so too!

tip 5: leave work at work

Finally, leave work at work.

Ya, I know. “Whaaaaaaat does this have to do with finding time?”

Well let me tell you. Do you ever find yourself working on weekends? Do you come in on Monday and you are already exhausted even though your week has just started?

That’s because you didn’t give yourself a break. It’s so important you take time on the weekend to relax and recharge. Our bodies crave it! We know that when we work them too hard they will make us pay, usually by catching some sort of illness.

Honestly, you will never have the time to work on your business if you don’t have the energy to start. If you come to work tired on Monday, you are less likely to sit down and plan for your week. If you don’t plan, you won’t magically find the time.

There you have it! Just follow these 5 tips to and watch your business scale up and make more money in 2020.