Hi, I'm Robyn!

and I am passionate about empowering introvert coaches & service pro's to step out of the shadows & scale their business using proven marketing methods


Introvert's Guide to Social Media Marketing

The Introverts Guide to Social Media Marketing, and more tips and tricks on how to overcome your introverted-ness and kick start your success!

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Meet Robyn

Hey friends! My name is Robyn and I live with my family in the beautiful city of West Kelowna, BC in the heart of the Okanagan Valley.

I am a Mom to one precocious 6 year old girl, Leila, who loves to dance and sing. She is our little performer. We also adopted a 9 year old mutt Zara, who is a shepherd/shar-pei/Rhodesian ridgeback cross.

She loves being active with us, and bounces through life like a puppy.

My Passion

my Passion

I am a self-confessed introvert. I know the difficulties with running a business in an online world, where putting yourself out there is the most uncomfortable thing you can ever do. Not only that, I know what it's like to come from the corporate world into this crazy online space, and feel like all the years of education, knowledge and experience were for nothing. 

But it doesn't have to be that way!!

It's my mission to help hundreds of introverted female entrepreneurs step into their role as CEO, get out of their income + client plateau, & scale their business using proven marketing methods.

my why

To have the freedom to be who I am, to take chances and push the boundaries of business, to challenge others to be the best version of themselves, and to live a full and complete life with my husband and daughter, anywhere in the world that we choose.

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know me

5 fun facts about robyn


I lived on a 1970’s classic wooden yacht when I was little, and could walk on the boat but on land (I now get motion sickness, and have no idea how I used to live on a boat).


I am equally left & right brained, both logical and creative, which you will see in my work.


I studied International Relations at the University of Calgary, where I focused my studies on Military Security and Strategy. This degree still serves me well, as I have learned a lot about diplomacy and public relations.


In addition to my other outdoor pursuits, I also love archery. I use a traditional re-curve bow, and I have great aim. 🎯


I worked a corporate job for a non-profit for 10 years. During that time I was both a Manager and a Leadership Coach. As you can imagine, rising up in the ranks as an introvert was always a battle and it’s now my mission to change that.

Love it

Hate it

sushi & salty foods
A good glass of BC wine
The sounds of water & nature
Reading in a fuzzy blanket
Fluffy butts (aka dogs)

cilantro (it's the worst!)
the sounds of traffic
windy days
cleaning the bathroom
creepy clowns

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I am a fierce advocate for introvert entrepreneurs who have left the corporate world, and are adapting to this online space. It is my mission to empower those women to become their authentic (not corporate) selves & market themselves in a way that feels easy.

I have been featured on Podcasts, groups and programs and would love to further my message with your audience. I can speak on a multitude of topics, including how to effectively market yourself as an introvert or how to break the traditional rules of entrepreneurship.

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