I’m Robyn and I think we often overlook leadership development as a way to grow our business. Building the business of your dreams takes more than great marketing and sales strategy.

It takes self awareness, confidence, adaptability, curiosity and vulnerability.  

And that’s what I help coaches & mentors cultivate through leadership development.

a leadership mindset is the only way to scale your business to achieve wealth, freedom & success

Meet your leadership coach

My mission is for coaches & mentors to achieve wealth,  freedom & success through the power of self-leadership

My Background

I remember the days of working in a corporate setting, where leadership is looked at in an entirely different light. I was constantly wanted to change the culture of a company that had existed for over 35 years. 

I tried. I failed. Because I was a dolphin in a desert. Now I look to swim with other dolphins - women who are ready to focus on self-leadership as a way to be the most effective leader, CEO and business owner.

But the journey wasn't lost. I spent those 10+ years honing my coaching & leadership skills, so that I could live my best life. The entrepreneur life.

Along with my 12 years of direct experience cultivating leaders, I am also a certified coach working towards ICF accreditation. 

I have completed the Coach Approach System Level 1 which is an ICF accredited program that focused on the fundamentals of coaching in a 1-1 setting. 

I am in the process of completing the YES Supply Coaching Program, another ICF accredited program that combines proven practices like Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Neural Energetic Wiring, and Somatic Techniques to bring you a complete level of transformation and a wide range of tools to use in a variety of coaching scenarios.

My Certifications 

I am on a mission to help every female & femme coach or mentor feel worthy of wealth & freedom both in their life and their business.

We all started our businesses because we knew we were meant for something more. Yet, we often hold ourselves back from the success that we deserve.

Together, I want to change the narrative. Let's show the world that we are here to elevate each other as women, and create a new paradigm for female entrepreneurs. 

Are you ready to
transform your mindset  and create more wealth & freedom?

Core Values


To me these values go hand in hand. The freedom to do what you want, when you want combined with financial freedom, will automatically shift your mindset towards wealth. Feeling in control of your life is essential to feeling freedom and feeling worthy of wealth. 


To me, self-leadership is the way we show up authentically for the people around us. I value leaders who can be vulnerable, transparent yet who are confidently able to share their vision. They envision a life & business that is so wildly successful, they can create amazing impact on the world.


What would be without community? I have learned that community is the strongest support you can receive as an entrepreneur (yes even more than a coach). Surrounding yourself with the people who get it, is essential to seeing what is possible for you and reaching your dreams of wild success. 


Creativity is a value I hold high because it allows for us to do business & life our own way. Be creative. Be adventurous. And never let the power of your imagination be suffocated by the *shoulds* of others.



Paddleboarding on Lake Okanagan 

Reading historical fiction & summer romance novels

Watching re-runs of Downton Abbey & Superstore

Gardening or hiking with my family

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