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The Vision

I remember the days of working in a corporate setting, where the pressure to fit the mold and perform for others was exhausting. I would come home every night feeling frustrated and snipping at my family. I kept thinking "if I can just hold on a little longer, I might be able to shift the culture and improve the happiness of those around me."

I tried. I failed. Because I was a dolphin in a desert. I was trying to change people who weren't ready to swim. But I found my pod of  dolphins - women who are ready to focus on the power of their mindset as a way to be the most effective leader, CEO and business owner.

So I ask you my friend: 

Along with my 15 years of direct experience cultivating leaders, I am also a certified coach working towards ICF accreditation. 

My first ICF accredited program, the Coach Approach System Level 1,  focused on the fundamentals of coaching in a 1-1 setting. 

I've also completed the YES Supply Coaching Program, another ICF accredited program that combines proven practices like Mindset, Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Neural Energetic Wiring, Neural Energetic Encoding and Somatic Techniques to bring you a complete level of transformation and a wide range of tools to use in a variety of coaching scenarios.

And I am now working towards board certification in Clinical Breathwork & Nervous System Regulation. 

How we work together

are you a dolophin?

how to work with me

What the guru's forget to tell you is that the work they put into being successful biz is only 30% action & strategy and 70% mindset & identity. 

With over 15 years of coaching experience, both on and offline,
I have the knowledge, insight, and power to shift your identity and help you find more fulfillment knowing WHO the fck you are, and detaching your purpose from WHAT you do. 

I am a bit of a black sheep and won't subject myself to a
cookie-cutter approach to building success

A N D  N E I T H E R  S H O U L D  Y O U !

Don't be a white sheep following the herd. Be the Black Sheep who stands out for their creative & innovative success. 

There's an art to coaching.
It's a craft and a calling. 

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