A group program for women like you, who for too long have been underpaid and behind the scenes doing for others what you want to do for yourself. 
Step out from the to-do lists and serving like an employee and step into your true purpose: to create exceptional impact with a high-ticket coaching & consulting service

the alchemy of a high-ticket
coaching program

Am I ready to be a coach or mentor?

How many times have you been put in a box by a coach or mentor who told you all the things you should do? And you followed that advice because heck, they built a successful biz which is exactly what you want.  You followed it even when your intuition was crying out for you to stand up for your uniqueness. You got out of the box and want to help others do it too. 

"I hate being put in a box"

You are the kind of person that continually challenges others on the "way things have always been done". Your open-minded nature is kind of a super-power in fact. Yet here online, you get stuck listening to the rules and forgetting to tune out the noise. You are feeling empowered to create your own rules again, by focusing on your true passion of impacting others.

"I am a rule breaker"

You always walk into a room(or zoom call) and immediately   start to assess the people within it. You have an innate ability to see right through people, and that inner knowing makes you hold back from sharing your true self.  You so desperately want to be seen, heard & understood and you are finally ready to put yourself out there, and share your coaching gifts with the world.

"I want to be seen, heard
& understood for my gifts"

Before clients come work with me, they ask themselves....

You love feeling unique and in most situations you don't mind standing out for your brilliance.  But you’re seeing more growth among the white sheep and it’s confusing and frustrating. You're a black sheep and you LOVE it, but catch yourself trying to fit in with cookie-cutter service pro white sheep KNOWING you are meant to have more impact.


You are an information hoarder, loving podcasts, self-help & business books, and you have more courses in your online library than you care to admit. You are ready to create your own program that truly creates a transformational space for your clients. You want to create the space & support you craved when you were new to entrepreneurship. 

"I know that I have more to offer my community"

You're the person everyone comes to for advice & support because you are such an incredible listener and you always know just what to say. And even though you keep your walls up high and never seek out the support you so desperately crave for yourself, you are ready to be paid for your gifts as a coach or mentor.

"I am the advice giver"

And let's take a moment to talk about what you really want for your business ...

You thrive on being creative and want to offer your creativity to others without feeling drained of taken advantage of by clients.

You want to feel seen on the same level that you put into seeing other people, to be known for something special & unique.

You want success with integrity, never using icky marketing & sales tactics to persuade people to work with you.

You want to be seen as someone who is versatile and unique, and who challenges the norm in life and in business.  

And most importantly you want to share your knowledge, expertise, and intuition with others through a high-touch, high-impact coaching service.

You are smart enough to build any business, but you want one that is life-giving, one that fills you with energy, all while matching your lifestyle choices. 

You value impact over money, but you secretly desire money for its ability to create a lifestyle that brings you joy, peace and time to nourish yourself mentally & physically. 

You want a future where you are no longer feeling an obligation to your clients, but an obligation to yourself and a business where you call the shots. 

Imagine this moment...

A seasoned coach of 12 years, sits down with you and together we hash out a development plan for creating & promoting your amazing new high-ticket program. You are feeling so fulfilled knowing you are finally leaning into those gifts you have been hiding for so long.

You get to work defining your vision, formatting and pricing your offer, honing in or your ideal client and the messaging of how you can serve them. You devour the program material, finally feeling ready to tell the world you are a coach.

Then you start to have self-doubt... "what if no one buys?"

Then you start to experience imposter syndrome... "who am I to offer this service and charge these prices?"

And then you quickly remember that you have a dedicated coach & community to lean on, and the tools to reframe your thoughts, manifest your dreams, and leap-over any of the mindset hurdles your brain likes to throw your way. 

And the best part?

You will be given the additional skills and resources  you crave to successfully coach your first paying clients.


 I will be your partner in promoting & selling a high-ticket signature 1-1 or1-many coaching service in as little as 12 weeks.

That's why we....

For multi-passionate, multi-faceted, high-performing entrepreneurs who want to create change in the world with their high-ticket coaching program.  

Envision this....

No longer feel controlled by your slack notifications and emails, and people asking you "when the work is done" because you are in charge of your schedule and your biz

Not only do you have the freedom to do the things you want to do outside of your business, you make time for those things because they make you better, more present and available  for your clients, creating greater impact

MOST importantly, YOu will be excited to price yourself so generously that you have the freedom to design the life that is most aligned with you, while also feeling confident and compensated in your prices

Sounds amazing right?

Feeling confident as a coach because you are being mentored by one of the best, and will be given the skills and resources to elevate your coaching mastery.

When I first connected with Robyn, I was about six months into my business and I felt like I had absolutely nothing to show for it. I worked with a business coach (the standard 8 week program that promises you big money and success). I was posting every day, giving value, offering FREE  coaching sessions, resources, and time. I only made $231 dollars from a masterclass and I couldn’t sign a 1:1 client.  I made the decision to work with Robyn in  January of 2021.   3 months in I signed my first client for an intensive. 6 months in I created a membership for women in business and I began in June of 2021 to make consistent income for the first time in my business. And now I have served multiple clients in high-ticket containers.

Meet Geneva...

The key to selling high-ticket programs is understanding that 30% of your growth  is taking action and 70% is mindset. 

What this program is about:

I am a natural facilitator, and want to ensure that every woman in my program feels seen, heard, valued and supported. I encourage group chats, collabs and other version of support throughout the program. Most importantly, you will have a built-in cheer squad as you launch your new offer!!

supportive community

Ditching the "stories"

My client's succeed when they let go of the things they think they *should* be doing, and instead focus on what they enjoy doing. Building a legacy means avoiding burnout. We will work together to ensure the energy you put into your biz matches the freedom & lifestyle you desire. 

total energetic transformation

We will do more than just build your signature service. Together, we will strengthen your mental fortitude & emotional intelligence so you can feel confident charging high-ticket prices. At the end of the program you will have the tools and resources to consistently challenge the shadow thoughts that can arise with high-ticket services. 

supporting you as a busy ENTREPRENEUR

My trainings are all provided to you in an easy to binge, easy to listen to inspirational style podcast. You will also receive additional workbooks that you can use over and over again as you grow your business in the coming years. 

What this program is not: 

This is not a marketing and sales program, in fact it's an ANTI-marketing program focused on building confidence around the creation & sales of a high-ticket coaching, consulting, or mentorship program.  You already know how to market, our focus will be to create a simplified process to sell your high-ticket offer.


not a hype girl program 

This program is for entrepreneurs ready to take action and do the work it takes to launch a successful high-ticket program. If you are ready to ditch the excuses, and start focusing on your inner voice (the one telling you that you are MEANT for coaching) I am ready to guide you.

not a foundations program 

This is not a “build your business” program. The program is ideal for folks who are making consistent income, booking clients regularly OR who have completed a coaching program and want to be charging high-ticket rates with absolute confidence.

not a "do it like me and get success" program 

This is not a “be in my energy and you’ll succeed” environment. The program is focused on your personal growth as a new coach and implementing tangible skills that will help you grow your success. I give you the skeleton, a proven framework for getting clients, and you will create an intentional promotion plan for selling your high-ticket program.

When I came to Robyn I was wanting to pivot but I was buried in the weeds of systems that I didn't have time to focus on my new venture (and hearts desire)... coaching.  It was slow and steady until I realised I was harbouring a negative money mindset!  It's something I'm working on always, but I now recognise when it comes up. I now know that I have my control than I thought. Instead of letting things "happen to me", I've taken a leadership role in my own life and business through better business boundaries, money management and reworking my offers to fit my life.  I have aligned with the direction of my businesses, served my first coaching client (huge win) and I am confident about the long term sustainability of my business. 

Meet Amanda...

Here's how we will work together to achieve success

Next you will prepare an intentional launch plan while increasing your awareness of your own self-talk, your thoughts & feelings, and preparing your systems to take you first coaching client (think onboarding questions, coaching guides, etc)


Now that you have your first beta client you will be ready to coach. During this phase we will focus on developing your coaching mastery so you can create a safe & transformational experience for your clients that will lead to incredible results which is the social proof you will need to launch again.

PHASE 4: Activate your inner coach 

This phase is all about getting the client. You will focus purely on converting current relationships into paying clients. We will focus on a scientific & experimental approach to your launch which will help you define a repeatable strategy for future launches. You will launch a beta round of your program in order to practice your coaching in phase 4. 


This isn't your typical program. I don't do cookie-cutter biz trainings and a cloned coaching business. This is a holistic approach to creating & launching a coaching program, unlike you have ever seen in ANY other program!! I want you to pivot into coaching with ease. Like sipping margarita's on the beach kind of ease. 

Start a conversation with me on Voxer or  via Instagram and see if this is the program for you! 

You will define the vision of your impact and develop your marketing & sales strategy (spoiler: I share a simple strategy to getting your first high-ticket client), and start to implement daily high-ticket habits that will ensure you protect your energy while launching & serving clients. This is where we lay the foundation of your pivot into coaching. 

pHASE 1: Activate your vision

My gifts as a listener & story teller run deep, and these gifts allow me to create empowering narratives that both challenge and uplift my clients.

With my power of insight I can predict the future of my clients long before they realize that future within themselves. I create opportunities for breakthroughs and transformation, that lead my clients to the path that is meant for them.

I am gifted with intuitively knowing how to empower and awaken
others to their inner instincts, and help them access their intuitive voice in all decisions.

I thrive on working with women like me continue their journey with  the self-trust, confidence, and uniqueness it takes to run a successful business and live a full life.

Coaching is within my 

Meet your coach & program creator



What my client's say about coaching with me

Frequently asked questions

still wondering if this program is right for you?
Maybe I can answer some questions.

Nope. I believe in a simple process for selling your offer, you don't even need a website!! We will focus on intentional and direct messaging, specific lead generation, and a lean launch plan that will save your energy around launches. 

Do i need complicated funnels to sell?

Nope! This is for anyone who wants a simplified holistic plan for promoting their high-ticket service, or brushing up on coaching skills. If you want a plan that doesn't exhaust you every time you launch, this is for you!

is this only for new coaches?

It starts the moment you say YES!! You can get to work on creating your launch plan, and join a quarterly cohort for group support. Next cohort starts May 1st, 2022. 

When will the program start?

Yes!! One of the biggest fears that holds people back from coaching, is not feeling like they have the knowledge or skills to fully execute a coaching business. For much of the program, you will be focused on your coaching mastery. 

Will i learn how to coach


Sorry, I don't offer refunds for services already rendered. I value our time together and have crafted a cancellation policy that keeps your investment safe. I believe so much in my coaching abilities, that I doubt you will ask to be let out of the program, but if you are feeling like it is not the best fit please reach out so we can discuss next steps. 

What if I don't know what to sell or offer?

Great question. It's important that my clients hit the ground running in week 1 of the program. If you need help framing your offer, go subscribe for my FREEBIE and start that process now. 

Nope. I believe in a simple process for selling your offer, you don't even need a website!! We will focus on intentional and direct messaging, specific lead generation, and a lean launch plan that will save your energy around launches. 

Let's cover some community guidelines

If you want to work with me you need to know the following

I am looking to work with dedicated and fierce women and those that identify as female, femme or non-binary, looking to grow both personally and professionally. In joining this community, you promise to dedicate time each week for your own personal growth. Whether that’s going through the course work, listening to podcasts or whatever else you choose to help you grow.

You understand that  you are an active participant in this process, and that you need to complete all assignments in order to make the most of your time in the program.

You promise to explore mindset with curiosity. You will push myself to be a confident, transparent and adaptable leader. 

You understand that this community is inclusive, that #BlackLivesMatter, fat shaming is not ok, and that BIPOC, LGBTQA2S, the neuro-diverse and all other marginalized communities are welcome here.
It is our mission to create an inclusive and safe community for us to thrive. 

Lastly, you understand that personal development is fun and rewarding and will remember to include a little bit of
laughter into each and every day. 

~ cheers, Robyn

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