Unleash your inner b*tch and create a marketing plan that gets you paid!


Activate is a proven series of trainings that will give you the how, what, and WHY of successful marketing techniques for the coach, mentor, or consultant who has  an intangible service to sell. And the best part? You're going to become that bitch!

That boss in total control of herself!

Join Activate Marketing and Unleash Your Inner B*tch

Putting out post after post, sharing value and creating connections but you're still not converting dream clients regularly

Does this sound familiar?


PROBLEM #1 - You see marketing as a chore

You've fallen out of love with your content, and it takes you hours just to put something out for the sake of consistency. It would just feel easier to hire someone so you don't even have to think about it.  You have something to say, you're just worried that people will judge you or leave you when you say it. 


PROBLEM #2 - you're content isn't magnetizing 

You see post after post from your peers, talking about how they have dreamy clients popping into their DM's every day, ready to sign contracts. But you've been holding yourself back, acting like small potatoes for so long you can't seem to break the cycle of safe, comfortable content. 


PROBLEM #3 - You don't even love your offer

The biggest problem of them all - you're not even sure you truly love your offer. You have a lot of passions, and you can't quite pin-point if this one is it. You've been stuck so long in the idea that "this is what your clients want" without truly asking yourself "is this what I want?"

And you might be asking yourself...

  • How do I effectively market when I have such big ideas and can’t be specific?
  • What is the secret sauce to marketing an intangible offer?
  • What does it mean to be a leader & an authority as a coach/mentor when you’re always guiding the client?
  • How do I embody a high-ticket mindset when my need to serve is greater than my need to make money?
  • What do I need to shift in my messaging to attract dream clients?
  • What is ethical messaging and how do I achieve it while sharing my own point of view and opinions?
  • How does personal branding come into play as the face of my brand?
  • How do overcome my fear of rejection and judgment when I share my point of view?
  • How do I create emotionally charged messaging?

The answer, my, friend, is already inside of you. You just need the blueprint and framework to ACTIVATE it. Oh... and you need to unleash your inner b*tch

Not the kind that we roll our eyes at and ignore when she acts like she's "all that and a can of beans" but the one who is a total badass in her marketing. The boss in total control of herself

I want you to be that bitch!

The bitch who...

Has such incredible boundaries in her business, she isn't afraid to detach from her phone in order to make money and attract clients dying to work with her.

This will be your life!

All it takes is a deeper understanding of yourself and your identity as a marketer.

Let me give you the tools and resources you need to have a repeatable marketing strategy 

Doesn't act like small potatoes in her marketing, who stops the cycle of comparison and imposter syndrome and fully activates her point of view and passion within her messaging.

Has the courage to share the most vulnerable side of herself, in the hopes that it helps just one other woman in her community to find her own strength.

LOVES putting out content that actively repels people, and cheers when people unsubscribe from her emails or unfollows her.

is this program really for me?

You might be asking yourself...

Or is this just another marketing program with the same old information?

How many times have you been put in a box by a coach or mentor who told you all the things you should do? And you followed that advice because heck, they built a successful biz which is exactly what you want.  You followed it even when your intuition was crying out for you to stand up for your uniqueness. You got out of the box and want to help others do it too. 

"I hate being put in a box"

You are the kind of person that continually challenges others on the "way things have always been done" and can even be a little defiant with coaches and mentors who tell you that you need to adjust. But your open-minded nature is kind of a super-power in fact. Yet here online, you get stuck listening to the rules and forgetting to tune out the noise. You are feeling empowered to create your own marketing rules again, by focusing on your true passion of impacting others.

"I am a rule breaker"

You love feeling unique and in most situations you don't mind standing out for your brilliance.  But you’re seeing more growth among the white sheep and it’s confusing and frustrating. You're a black sheep and you LOVE it, but catch yourself trying to fit in with cookie-cutter service pro white sheep KNOWING you are meant to have more impact.


Well let me ask you this, my friend, do you feel like one of the following?

When I first connected with Robyn, I was about six months into my business and I felt like I had absolutely nothing to show for it. I worked with a business coach (the standard 8 week program that promises you big money and success). I was posting every day, giving value, offering FREE  coaching sessions, resources, and time. I only made $231 dollars from a masterclass and I couldn’t sign a 1:1 client.  I made the decision to work with Robyn in  January of 2021.   3 months in I signed my first client for an intensive. 6 months in I created a membership for women in business and I began in June of 2021 to make consistent income for the first time in my business. And now I have served multiple clients in high-ticket containers.

Meet Geneva...

The key to marketing is understanding that 30% of your growth is taking action and 70% is mindset, energetics and an understanding of the theory's behind it. 

Are you ready to make an impact?


All of the Activate Marketing calls and curriculum 

Marketing & website audit (valued at $197)

A 45-60 minute Marketing Strategy Call (Valued at $1097)

Access to 2 additional group coaching calls (Valued at $500)


one time payment

6 Weekly 90-minute live training and Q&A calls

Activate Marketing Modules & Marketing Workbook

Group Slack Access (I will answer questions on Fridays)



* additional payment plans available when you click through to the cart

What this program is about:

What this program is not:

combining theory, practice & energetics

A basic AF marketing program

Every week there will be a selection of trainings for you to listen to, and complete activities in a corresponding workbook. The trainings will have a practical, theoretical, and energetic component to them. 

You already have the basics of marketing. You know how to create for Social Media or craft an email. I'm not here to teach you that. I'm here to support you in elevating your marketing with a more intentional approach to client attraction. I want you to have clients saying "why are you in my head?" to you daily!

Activating your own marketing plan

There is a perfect marketing plan out there, you just haven't created it yet. During our 6 week sprint, you will create a marketing plan so aligned, it will have you creating content effortlessly.

Unleashing your inner b*tch

You're ready to dig deep and be the woman who used to courageously challenge your parents and society when you were "put in a box". No more people pleasing, no more letting yourself down, just pure self-love and self-belief.

A be in my energy, copy me and succeed

When you're just a carbon copy of your last coach, some part of you is left wanting and you will like feel completely out of alignment and spiral the fck out. I know because I've been there and my clients have been there too. This program is about creating your legacy.

A substitute for private 1-1 coaching

 I've learned throughout my years, is that when it comes to these marketing concepts that I teach in Activate, you don't need me to hold your hand... you just need the confidence to hold your own. Purchase the VIP Experience to get my eyes on your marketing, with an audit and a private 1-1 strategy call. 

When I came to Robyn I was wanting to pivot but I was buried in the weeds of systems that I didn't have time to focus on my new venture (and hearts desire)... coaching.  It was slow and steady until I realised I was harbouring a negative money mindset!  It's something I'm working on always, but I now recognise when it comes up. I now know that I have my control than I thought. Instead of letting things "happen to me", I've taken a leadership role in my own life and business through better business boundaries, money management and reworking my offers to fit my life.  I have aligned with the direction of my businesses, served my first coaching client (huge win) and I am confident about the long term sustainability of my business. 

Meet Amanda...

My gifts as a listener & story teller run deep, and these gifts allow me to create empowering narratives that both challenge and uplift my clients.

With my power of insight I can predict the future of my clients long before they realize that future within themselves. I create opportunities for breakthroughs and transformation, that lead my clients to the path that is meant for them.

I am gifted with intuitively knowing how to empower and awaken
others to their inner instincts, and help them access their intuitive voice in all decisions.

I thrive on working with women like me continue their journey with  the self-trust, confidence, and uniqueness it takes to run a successful business and live a full life.

Coaching is within my 

Meet your coach & program creator



What my client's say about coaching with me

Frequently asked questions

still wondering if this program is right for you?
Maybe I can answer some questions.

Nope. I believe in a simple process for selling your offer, you don't even need a website!! We will focus on intentional and direct messaging, specific lead generation, and a lean launch plan that will save your energy around launches. 

Do i need complicated funnels to sell?

Nope! This is for anyone who wants a simplified holistic plan for promoting their high-ticket service. If you want to embody what it means to be a thought leader and execute a plan that doesn't exhaust you every time you put out content, this is for you!

is this only for new coaches/mentors?

We get started on Monday November 7th at 9:30am PT/12:30pm ET. I'm willing to be flexible on the time slot, so please connect if this time doesn't work for you. 

When will the program start?

For each week, I will have you learn about practical, theoretical and energetic approaches to marketing. Practical being the strategy, theoretical being topics like psychology and ethics, and energetic is all about your mindset and self-regulation. 

tell me more about the three techniques


Listen, I believe in this program so much that I will put a guarantee on it. If you complete every workbook and you take action on every single week, and you don't see results, I will personally coach you 1-1 until you do. It's that simple. Show up, do the work, get results!!

What if I don't know what to sell or offer?

Great question. It's important that my clients hit the ground running in week 1 of the program. If you need help framing your offer,  message me and I can send you a free training on how to decide on your offer. 

Let's cover some community guidelines

If you want to work with me you need to know the following

I am looking to work with dedicated and fierce women and those that identify as female, femme or non-binary, looking to grow both personally and professionally. In joining this community, you promise to dedicate time each week for your own personal growth. Whether that’s going through the course work, listening to podcasts or whatever else you choose to help you grow.

You understand that  you are an active participant in this process, and that you need to complete all assignments in order to make the most of your time in the program.

You promise to explore mindset with curiosity. You will push myself to be a confident, transparent and adaptable leader. 

You understand that this community is inclusive, that #BlackLivesMatter, fat shaming is not ok, and that BIPOC, LGBTQA2S, the neuro-diverse and all other marginalized communities are welcome here.
It is our mission to create an inclusive and safe community for us to thrive. 

Lastly, you understand that personal development is fun and rewarding and will remember to include a little bit of
laughter into each and every day. 

~ cheers, Robyn

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