The CEO Blueprint

This program was created because my clients would constantly ask me “Robyn, I know I want to be the CEO of my business, but I don’t know what I don’t know. Is there a framework?” So I would often share my own framework for how I operate as the CEO/Leader of my business.

Then one day it clicked, that I should put together my framework so that others can use it as a blueprint to step into their role as
CEO of their business.

As a beta program, I will be creating the content as we go and asking for your feedback along the way. 

Here's the blueprint we will follow so you can move from solo-preneur to CEO of a thriving and sustainable business:

Module 1: CEO Kickstart
Business Ethics
Task/Skills Matrix
Planning your CEO Day

Module 2: Your CEO Dashboard
What to track as CEO
Quarterly Planning
Goal setting

Module 3: CEO Financial Responsibility
Tracking your finances
Budgeting & Projections
My formula for outsourcing/hiring
your first team member

Module 4: CEO Systems
Client Experience
Software & Automation
Contracts & Legal

These modules will also come with a CEO Playbook & templates you can use to create your own CEO Dashboard: the exact same templates I use in my own business. 

ONLY $97!!

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