Become the leader your business needs to grow.

My live mentoring party,
bridges the gap between wanting to grow your business and stepping into your role as CEO. 


You probably didn’t know that leadership is the answer to scaling your business.

When most entrepreneurs talk about wanting to grow their business, the first way they consider doing that is through marketing and sales. 

But that’s just skimming the surface. True growth in business takes personal growth through LEADERSHIP.

Here’s how building your leadership skills breeds growth

Builds your confidence in all areas of your business


Strengthens your adaptability to new and changing landscapes


Transitions you from solopreneur to CEO

solopreneur to ceo

But you haven't quite figured it out....

And I know that’s what you’re looking for

You are a black sheep and you LOVE it. But you’re seeing more growth among the white sheep and it’s confusing. 

You’ve got expertise and skills out the *you know what*, but you buy program, after program to search for the right answer outside of yourself. 

You’re tired of being told what to do (and you feel the irony after reading the point above this one)

You’re smart, but you’re keeping yourself small when it comes to making the big moves in your business.


Helping solopreneurs harness the power of leadership to make their CEO dreams a reality

I know you’ve got what it takes to be a kickass leader. You just need the tools and confidence to make it happen…


from solo-preneur to CEO

EVOLUTION: From solo-preneur to CEO

is twelve month long live mentoring party  designed to help solopreneurs like you discover your inner CEO, grow your leadership skills, and implement your plans for scaling.

Here's what you'll learn

MOd 1: Know without doubt your mission & vision

Knowing your mission & vision inside out is the very first step in shifting from solo-preneur to CEO of a thriving biz

mod 2: Develop your mind with EQ & Mindset

Mindset & EQ will forever be something you work as you grow your business, especially when you are wanting to scale to new levels.

Mod 3: Prepare your biz internally to scale 

Oh yaaa.... this module is one of my faves! The number 1 issue my clients run into, when they want to scale and bring on a team is that their product/service suite is too complicated, their pricing isn't aligned & honestly, sometimes they aren't even aligned with their offers. 


We are going to go deep into why you need to hire and how to make the best choice for your biz. Templates for hiring included. Oh... and I will help take away your fear of delegation. 


Communication breakdowns are the #1 reason for discontent and mishaps within a team. I am going to give you all the comms tools so you can take a proactive approach to leadership.


Coaching is the best way to help your team feel empowered in their role, which in turn will cultivate a collaborative environment, keeping your team members loyal to the brand.


Now that you have an action plan for you first team member, we are going to create training & development plans to attract your dream team.


One of the biggest fears my clients have, is feeling confident in their decisions. I am going to help you take that fear away, with actionable tips on making kick-ass CEO decisions.


Change is a part of life & business, and I want to make sure you are prepared for it. I want you to continue to push your vision to the next level, and navigate that change with ease.

Let's cover some logistics:

This program is unlike any other!!

A lot of my heart has gone into this program, and that meant connecting with my audience and finding out what they truly desired from a program. 

They wanted was a community that uplifts, yet challenges them - I was even told "I don't want to be with like-minded people, I want to be with those who will challenge my way of thinking."

They wanted to be better leaders NOW! Before hiring, before developing their vision for the future.

They want the support & mentorship of someone who has been there, and understands how to cultivate great leaders.

and I am giving it all right here, in EVOLUTION: Live Mentoring Party!!

And they wanted content that was accessible, no-fluff, no BS, easy to binge and easy to implement.

Here’s how this party is going down...

Level-up your leadership with a podcast style program, that you can listen to on the go. Tailored to you, the busy CEO.

the program

Join us multiple times a month, as we build our community via group coaching, live Q&A, trainings, group Voxer support  and more! 

the community

Each module will have actionable workbooks, plug & play templates and more, that will support your learning & growth.

the implementation

You will receive milestone calls for each and every phase you complete, as extra motivation to work through the content. 

the 1-1 support

Not only will you get group support on each and every call, we will also schedule a kick-off call to create goals for your journey. 

the accountability

I will be calling in guest experts to help you be a leader in all areas of your biz, especially those zones we tend to ignore. 

the experts

As I said, this isn't your typical learn to scale program program. This was specifically designed to bridge the gap between Solopreneur & CEO. Just apply to  start a conversation and see if this is the program for you! 

What this program is not: 

This is not a marketing and sales program. Leadership Level Up is focused on building your leadership skills across all facets of your business, not just marketing and sales.


not a hype girl program 

This is not your b*tch fest, and I don't love complainers.
This program is for entrepreneurs ready to take action and do the work.

not a foundations program 

This is not a “build your business” program. The program is ideal for folks who are making consistent income, booking clients regularly and have their eye on growing their team and business.

not a "do it like me and get success" program 

This is not a “be in my energy and you’ll succeed” environment. The program is focused on your personal growth as an entrepreneur and implementing tangible skills that will help you scale your business. 

I realized that the reason I love coaching entrepreneurs so much is that I truly love being a part of the process that shapes leaders. I THRIVE on people who take control of their lives, jobs & businesses. Knowing more about their leadership styles, and the opportunities they have within them, actually INCREASES their likelihood of success
My personal story is one that so many women have experienced.

I was a woman, trying to make my way in patriarchal, hierarchical organizations that silenced voices instead of amplifying them. Always the classic “be a yes person, keep your head down, keep your emotions at the door” kind of atmospheres.
And although I can’t change the culture of those organizations, I can CERTAINLY change the way leaders lead, one person at a time.


Leadership is my

Meet your coach & program creator



Let's cover some community guidelines

If you want to work with me you need to know the following

I am looking to work with dedicated and fierce women and those that identify as female or non-binary, looking to grow both personally and professionally. In joining this community, you promise to dedicate time each week for your own personal growth. Whether that’s going through the course work, listening to podcasts or whatever else you choose to help you grow.

You understand that  you are an active participant in this process, and that you need to complete all assignments in order to make the most of your time in the program.

You promise to explore leadership with curiosity. You will push myself to be a confident, transparent and adaptable leader. 

You understand that this community is inclusive, that #BlackLivesMatter, that BIPOC, LGBTQA2S,
those with differentialities and all other marginalized communities are welcome here.
It is our mission to create an inclusive and safe community for us to thrive. 

Lastly, you understand that leadership can be fun and will remember to include a little bit of
laughter into each and every day. 


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