Outsource It: Hire a Virtual Assistant

It’s so important for businesses to start thinking about how to properly outsource work, especially work that takes up too much time and energy. Hiring a Virtual Assistant can be the best decision for any small business.


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Each Virtual Assistant will specialize in a niche area, whether it be Social Media Management, Office Administration, Email Marketing, Customer Relations, Website Management, Graphic Design and more, you can be sure that there is a VA for that.

They have spent time researching and crafting their service, so that they can provide you with the best and most knowledgeable advice. VA’s are professionals, that will keep communication constant and provide you with reports and analytics on their progress.

Virtual Assistant contractors have spent time researching and will use the best software and applications available for the task at hand,

Save time

Why hire a virtual assistant versus an employee? Simple. A VA can hit the ground running. You are hiring a Virtual Assistant because they have the knowledge of their specific niche.

Let’s dig deeper. Let’s say, you own a small business that sells wood products online and in your storefront. The business consists of a small team, and most of your time is spent finishing the products. You don’t have time to research strategies for social media management, and you are thinking of hiring an employee. Your friend tells you that they know someone that contracts their social medias services, and you decide to weigh out your options:

Hire an Employee

* $15/hour
* 20 hours per week
* Need to place advertisement, interview, hire and train candidate
* Include additional costs such as payroll management, benefits, employee appreciation, equipment and office space for new employee

Total Cost: $300/week plus expenses

Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

* $25-30/hour
* 10 hours per week
* Contract VA who hits the ground running

Total cost: $250-300/week

Save money

When comparing the 2, you know that you will have to offer your employee a minimum of 20 hours per week in order to get the right candidate; however if you outsource to a Virtual Assistant agency, they assure you they only need 10 hours per week for daily posts and client engagement. They also inform you that the hours may drop over time, once your social media has been organized and streamlined.

When you add up the costs of hiring/training/retaining your employee, versus outsourcing to a company, you realize that outsourcing is more cost effective.

In addition, you know that you have limited space for another employee and decide that outsourcing your social media is the best way to go.

Conclusion: outsource to a virtual assistant

You won’t regret it!

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