Hi, I'm Robyn!

and I am passionate about empowering coaches & service pro's to embody the leader within, smash their goals & create a sustainable & authentic biz





Sustainable Entrepreneur



A group coaching membership for entrepreneurs who are ready to embody the leader within and create authentic, sustainable & profitable businesses

Join a community of like-minded, motivated and supportive women who want to grow authentic, profitable and sustainable businesses

Here's what you can expect:

Monthly group coaching  call with me where you can ask questions and get coached directly from me. Each person will get at least 10 minutes of coaching & strategy. This is the lowest rate for group coaching, you will ever see!

Monthly high-quality trainings that you won't see in any of my free content.

Access to a private Facebook group, where you can ask questions, share wins, and create community.  This is also your group to create relationships and a referral network of ambitious entrepreneurs. 

Weekly coaching threads in the FB group, to help you get answers to your questions in between calls

Trainings from guest experts who are leaders in their industry - these experts are chosen carefully, and with your needs in mind!

Are you ready? 

BONUS:  Members will get instant access to my marketing goal setting program, Vision 2021

Each month, you can apply to be laser-coached by me, live in the group. This will give you the 1-1 support you need, and the community benefits from observing the session 

This membership is not just any membership. No! This is set up in the spirit of a mastermind - where like-minded women come together to create a collaborative community, and work through the trials & tribulations of business together.

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* 3 month contract to get the full value of the membership

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My Values

my Values

I truly believe that your values play a huge role in your business, which is exactly why large companies create a mission & values statements. 

The values I embody in my business, are:

These values have been strong for me throughout my role as a Manager & then a Coach, and there were the exact values I hold high in my business. Every business decision I make, and every offer I put out there, is directed by my values. And that alone, has made me successful. 

And I want that for you, my friend!! A flourishing, thriving, sustainable business, that is wildly profitable!!

A mini-mastermind is a 3 month commitment and so is this membership. You will get thousands of dollars worth of training, for just 3 small monthly payments. 

As a new subscriber, there is a 3 month minimum contract. After the 3 months, you can unsubscribe at any time. If you choose to re-subscribe, you will be charged the current rate. 

What is the commitment? 

Me too my friend, me too!!! But in this case, you don't have to!! For my Canadian members, I charge you in Canadian dollars, to keep this membership more accessible. Just click the Canadian link above to get your rate (Note: All Canadian's will be charged GST and the rate reflects that tax)

I am canadian and hate paying the exchange rate

I take a lot of pride in serving my community the best I can, and I am often caught over-delivering. But that's my way of showing you how much I care. This membership will be formed, based on your wants & needs, not what I think you should learn about . In reality, its mini-mastermind and where can you get access to a mastermind for such a reasonable monthly fee?

How is this membership different to others?

These are the questions that are frequently asked


Sorry, I don't offer refunds but don't worry... you won't need one!! I value my time and my energy, and so should you!!

Still hesitating? Maybe I can answer some questions for you. 

What is the difference between this and your other programs?

This is a great question! I built this membership because I wanted to offer more content to my community, at a more accessible fee.

Minimalist Marketing was built as a group coaching program, specific to content marketing. It's a 16 week program dedicated to helping women with a sustainable marketing strategy. 

The CEO Mastermind is a high-level, high-touch program, dedicated to helping women embody their leader, and become the CEO of their business. This program is meant for the established entrepreneur, ready to scale their business to 6 figures and beyond in a way that feels aligned & authentic.

Meet Robyn

Hey friends! My name is Robyn and I will be hosting your journey to CEO. I have been a coach & mentor for over 10 years, and I want to share my expertise with hundreds of women (and I mean hundreds!! I have some lofty goals).

I am a fierce advocate for entrepreneurs who want to build a business in a way that breaks the "traditional" rules of entrepreneurship. Don't want 1-1 services? Don't have them. Want to create your own program in your way? Do it! Don't want to show up on video? You don't have to.

If you are ready to create sustainability, to show up as a leader and innovator, and want to do it with a supportive circle of like-minded women, then now is the time. 

Join us for the Membership, and make 2021 your best year yet!

Before working with her, I was discouraged and overwhelmed and ready to throw in the towel. She helped me get back on track and really step into the space I was meant to be in. Her personality is so wonderful and she connected with me, especially as a more introverted person, in a way that made sense to me and fit my style. She was a joy to work with and always so responsive. Robyn gives the perfect amount of actual advice vs. questions to help me think through things. I'm 110% happy that I chose to work with Robyn and would recommend her to anyone!

Robyn was a lifesaver!

libby simon

Career coach

There have been belief systems I have been working on changing for many years, and in as little as two sessions with Robyn, she had me believing in those abilities where I lacked confidence before. She has an immaculate way of pulling on all of those threads that light you up and guides you towards your true purpose. If you are looking for a coach who will help you achieve real results, look no further than Robyn.
She leads with integrity and has the training, experience and client results to back her up.

Robyn's coaching style centres around the empowerment of her clients.

amanda bellamy

Systems strategist & Mentor

Robyn was amazing with her support. I gained so much business knowledge but more importantly my mindset continues to improve. That was my biggest takeaway: her encouraging words when I doubted myself. I enjoyed how you pushed me out of my comfort zone to do the hard things in my business I was avoiding. Thank you!

Robyn was amazing with her support!

amber hansel

social media strategist

that I sometimes can't see in myself, and this has helped my confidence soar to new heights. She understands that business strategy isn't one-size-fits-all, and together, we have created a plan to meet my goals that feels true to my personality. That being said, she has also encouraged me to try new things, which have accelerated the growth of my business! I would recommend Robyn to anyone looking for a coach who truly understands how to apply business strategy & leadership to a person's unique strengths and personality traits!

I believe that robyn can see the potential...

jess dalrymple

content marketing mentor

I am a huge Introvert and struggle with showing up and staying consistent on Social Media -- particularly Instagram. As a fellow Introvert herself, she completely understood where I was coming from. She uses her experience of overcoming self-doubt and imposter syndrome in herself, to help her clients overcome their doubts. That is why her coaching just resonated and stuck with me so much. I truly enjoyed working with Robyn and highly recommend her to anyone considering a coach -- introvert or not -- she is the coach for you!

working with RObyn has helped me in my biz tremendously. 

jennifer carfora

brand & website designer

 I knew that I needed someone to guide me, and am thankful that I found her! She knows what it takes to build a thriving business. Robyn’s coaching style is to ask questions that lead me to set goals, make decisions and prioritize what is important to me and my business.  Most importantly, she builds my confidence as an entrepreneur and businesswoman. Robyn is a professional, positive, creative and insightful coach who has had a tremendous impact on my professional life. I value her knowledge and expertise and am forever grateful to be working with this amazing coach. I recommend her to anyone who is looking to move ahead in business and in life! 

working with RObyn has made all the difference to my biz.

lana wilson

owner/CEO Lana Teaches