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5 life-altering shifts, 4 months of unwavering personal growth, forging a legacy that pulsates with your passion

Are you ready for the easiest and most transformative shift you'll ever make? 

Welcome to Shift, where I don't just offer coaching — I ignite transformations. 

Over the course of 4 incredible months, immerse yourself in a journey of self-discovery and female empowerment.

My program isn't just about tactics and strategies; it's about harnessing the power of five profound identity shifts that will reshape not only your business but your entire approach to success.

From unlocking your true potential to sculpting a legacy that resonates with purpose, every moment of our journey together is designed to propel you towards greatness.

Don't just dream of success – claim it with SHIFT.

You just haven't found the right support to achieve it... yet...

You're ready to revolutionize your success journey and leave YOUR mark on the world.  

How many times have you been put in a box by a coach or mentor who told you all the things you should do? And you followed that advice because heck, they're successful, which is exactly what you want.  You followed it even when your intuition was crying out for you to stand up for your uniqueness. You got out of the box and want to help others do it too. 

"Nobody puts me in a box"

You are the kind of person that continually challenges others on the "way things have always been done". Your open-minded nature is kind of a super-power in fact. Yet you get stuck listening to the rules and forgetting to tune out the noise. You're feeling empowered to create your own rules again, by focusing on your true passion of impacting others.

"I am a rule breaker"

You always walk into a room(or zoom call) and immediately   start to assess the people within it.. You know within minutes that you're the top 5% in the room. You have an innate ability to see right through people, and that inner knowing makes you hold back from sharing your true self.  You so desperately want to be seen, heard & understood and you are finally ready to put yourself out there, and share your gifts with the world.

"I want to be seen, heard
& understood for my gifts"

 i wonder if you see yourself in any of the following...

You love feeling unique and in most situations you don't mind standing out for your brilliance.  But you’re seeing more growth among the white sheep and it’s confusing and frustrating. You're a black sheep and you LOVE it, but catch yourself trying to fit in with cookie-cutter white sheep KNOWING you are meant to have more impact.

"I own my title As the BLACK SHEEP"

You are an information hoarder, loving podcasts, self-help & business books, and you have more courses in your online library than you care to admit. You are ready to be successful n a way that truly creates a transformational space for your clients , team, and family equally. You want to create the space & support you craved when you were new to the working world. It's time to put those rose-coloured glasses back on. 

"I know that I have more to offer my community"

You're the person everyone comes to for advice & support because you are such an incredible listener and you always know just what to say. And even though you keep your walls up high and never seek out the support you so desperately crave for yourself, you are ready to be seen for your gifts as a leader in your industry.

"I am always the advisor"

Hey friend...

Even if you haven't said it out loud.

What you desire


You've always seen yourself as a millionaire!!

Without a shadow of a doubt, you know you're meant to be a success, a literal force to be reckoned with. 

Even when you feel disconnected from your future self and the path towards it feels muddy, you're passion, resilience and intuition give you the nudge to keep going. 


You want to feel rich within your life, where leisure and business create equal opportunities for fulfilment

You've been a hustler your whole life, but now you're armed and ready to prioritize personal growth and well-being, leading to a greater sense of fulfilment and balance in your life. 

No more putting the world before yourself, you're ready to take centre stage in the theatre of your life.


you want to be known as extraordinary - for the world to respect the woman that you are - no more masks. 

You're already in the top 5% in your industry, but you still feel unseen. You've held yourself back from sharing your inner-most thoughts, but now you're ready to tear of the masks and show the world who you really are!

because it matters. 

What you bring to the table

a thirst for success

But not at any cost. Integrity and authenticity are at the forefront of every decision you make. You know that becoming the premiere and sole choice in your industry arises from a deep commitment to serving others. Your client experience is bar-none and you're ready for people to know it!

A thriving practice

You're already in the thick of it, bringing in clients and serving up transformations left and right. You're not shy to market yourself, and you're ready for the shift that will make this process smooth, easy & repeatable. 

A million-dollar mindset

Whether you're actively investing in your future or ready to prioritize it, you embody a million-dollar mindset where achieving a net worth of $1 million is not just a possibility, but an imminent reality. You're ready to do great things with your wealth. 

a lean legacy business

You desire simplicity, and know that this path that you're on is your legacy, serving champagne clients in intimate spaces in your boutique biz model- it may just need a little refinement so you can reclaim your energy and white space on your calendar. 

If you're still in the development phase of your business, needing more dedicated support with your product suite & marketing strategy reach out and chat about Million Dollar Breakthrough VIP.

The best of the best

You would consider yourself in the top 5% when it comes to delivering an incredible transformation. Confidence is not the issue, it's more about trusting in yourself and the decisions you need to make to maintain your legacy. 

Problems are your next challenge

Problems are more of an annoyance than an actual problem, but you play the game and turn it into a challenge. Your solution-focused drive is how you know that your success is inevitable - it's just time to tame the remaining mind demons getting in your way. 

The SHIFT in your identity is only 4 months away!

I'M SO CONFIDENT THAT WE CAN amplify the gifts you're bringing to the table, and change YOUR ENTIRE LIFE & BUSINESS IN 4 MONTHS. Start by reaching out on IG or booking a call so we can talk about your goals.

The 5 Shifts (sneak peek)

from the heart

From glimpses of self-doubt to unequivocal self-belief: belief that you can make money, be a millionaire, be successful, and still be a normal human being, enjoying coffee on your deck, working in your garden, playing with your kids. No more chewing your nails, wondering if what you’re doing is going to work, asking yourself "is anyone going to buy?" - but actually enjoying  your leisure time without business leaking into your thoughts, knowing that you're the one and only choice for your clients. 

what we work together to achieve

>>> Belief in the mission & vision of your business, and serving through excellence
>>> Balancing life and the various roles you play within it, being known for WHO you are, not what you do. 
>>> Making quick, easy & empowered decisions that align with your business & future
>>> Embracing a growth mindset and solution-focused thinking 

we ground ourselves

From shaky energy to undeniable confidence: reclaiming your worthiness by shining a spotlight on your skills & expertise and the good that you will do in this world. We can achieve confidence through competence. When energy is meh, you can still have engaging conversations, hold space for clients and family because you can lean on your ability to excel at service. This isn't just self-belief work, but the tools to eradicate imposter syndrome and claim your space in your industry. 

what we work together to achieve

>>> Confidence through your competence
>>> Confident conversations with clients & your team
>>> Confident decisions within life & business, and being ok with those decisions, no matter what
>>> Confident client experience and serving from a place of excellence, not genius.
>>> Creating safety and security with an emphasis on safety in self.
>>> Confident boundaries, protecting your energy and putting yourself, your dreams and desires first!

We ignite our energy

From stuck in the day to day to a new identity as a visionary & thought-leader: It's time to stop being led by the colours in your calendar, and start leading your community as a visionary. It's about being powerful in your personal message, activating your dreams & desires, and sharing it confidently with your community so you can bring your vision to life. Connecting the dots with your higher self and your hearts truest desire, combined with the strategic steps to access and achieve it. 

what we work together to achieve

>>> Clarity on who you serve, and elevating every one to dream client status with premium offers.
 >>> Amplifying your voice through your message, and taking up the space you're meant to fill
>>> Rebelling against any ideas that you don’t hold to be true, including the ones you've adapted into your biz
 >>> Refining and simplifying your business - strategically vs tactically 
 >>> Accessing your tree of knowledge through a guided meditation so you can connect with your future self

Then listen to our body

From putting everyone else first, to investing time & energy in your personal growth. No more working your business off the side of your desk, but putting your dreams, desires and NEEDS first. From overwhelmed and exhausted, to leading naturally from the heart not the mind. Here we focus on intuitive leadership, where your inner knowing takes centre stage in your journey to your ultimate desire - fulfilment. 

what we work together to achieve

>>> Celebration and the energy of receiving through your feminine energy
>>> Somatic work with a focus on understanding your mind-body connection and how it plays a part in your decisions. 
>>> How to feel into decisions using your unique authority (Human Design) so you can release the overwhelm and overthinking that has been a constant since the first time you got an A in school 

For the final identity shift

From wearing your professionalism like a suit of armour, to owning who you are, shadows and all. You can hide behind the mask because things won’t hurt you there, but taking off the mask makes you feel naked and exposed - and also... completely free to be your complete, authentic, self. A place where you don't have to share it with anyone. You can put on your clothes again, but the knowledge that you're 100% YOU under it all will be the final energetic shift that will magnetize and ignite the people around you to shift. 

what we work together to achieve

>>> Embracing your weaknesses and shifting them from a problem to a solution, so you're not afraid of being your true authentic self, warts and all. 
>>> Removing the monikers that you're too brilliant, too sensitive, too bold, too aggressive, too ambitious, too greedy, too insensitive, so you can embrace what makes you whole. 
>>> Overcoming the shadows that have been your obstacle to success: overthinking, people pleasing, perfectionism, imposter syndrome/comparison. 
  >>> Accepting failures as a challenge, a science experiment that you get to retry and achieve new results. Focusing on creative playfulness so you can FAFO in the best way!!

The results of your shift:

Identity isn't about striving for perfection; it's about embracing the messy, imperfect parts of ourselves that make us undeniably human. It's about recognizing our strengths and weaknesses, and instead of hiding or being ashamed of them, owning them unapologetically. It's about feeling at home in our own skin, standing tall in the knowledge that we are the most genuine version of ourselves, flaws and all. When we fully embrace and "own our sh!t," we unlock a sense of liberation and confidence that radiates from within, empowering us to navigate the world as me.

Owning your sh!t

Ditching the "stories"

My client's succeed when they let go of the things they think they *should* be doing, and instead focus on what they enjoy doing - aka moving from your Zone of Genius into your Zone of Excellence.  Building a legacy ensures you can prioritize moments like playing golf with your kiddo without the distraction of constantly checking your notifications. We will work together to ensure the energy you put into your biz allows you the freedom & flexibility to take first class vacations regularly, without worrying that your business will crumble because you aren't "hustling". And if you still want to hustle, we create a plan for you to hire domestic help so you can focus on what lights you up: those amazing, dreamy AF clients. 

a thriving business

We will do more than just refine your business model and adjust your pricing with premium offers.  Together, we will strengthen your mental fortitude & emotional intelligence and have you charging high-ticket prices that match the value you provide. You'll stand in your power, assured of your deservingness to receive, knowing without doubt that your dreamiest clients are ready and waiting to invest in your white-glove, bespoke services. My clients always double, triple or 10x their ROI, making a minimum 20% more than the did when they started with me. 


You will feel like an entirely different person and yet you'll know that you're the person you've always meant to be, knowing that the idea of the "future self" was really just you all along. Now that you're putting yourself first, your cup is full and it's spilling out into the cups of the people who surround you: your daughter, your son, your partner, your parents, your friends. Everyone benefits from this transformation. You will be the thought-leader, the innovator, the rebel... serving a community of clients who see you, hear you, and have all the faith that you're the best and only choice for them.

- Shiva alromeshi

How others have shifted

I don't feel like just another client, I feel like the only client.

Robyn genuinely cares about my business, wellbeing, & future. My biggest "ah-ha" moment was figuring out that all the things I thought I needed, were truly not what I needed. I thought I needed business strategies but what I really needed was help enforcing boundaries, advocating for myself, making big CEO moves, & developing a leadership mindset.

Lead Gen, Engagement, & DM Sales | Mentor

- Kelsea warren

How others have shifted

When I first started working with Robyn I had A LOT of questions. I didn’t know what the best next step was.

I didn’t see a long-term or sustainable vision for my business. I felt like I didn’t fit in with this industry, and created a lot of self-doubt. I’ve been working with Robyn for a year now, and I can honestly say I rarely question anything anymore. I trust myself to make decisions, quickly. I’ve shifted from my self-worth being tied to my business, to being confident in who I am as a leader, mom, and wife. I approach my business with neutrality and sense of peace through Robyn’s help. She gets me, and I haven’t felt alone since day 1 of working together.

founder of the seamless coach

- amanda bellamy

How others have shifted

Robyn's coaching style centres around the empowerment of her clients. 

There have been belief systems I have been working on changing for many years, and in as little as two sessions with Robyn, she had me believing in those abilities where I lacked confidence before. She has an immaculate way of pulling on all of those threads that light you up and guides you towards your true purpose. Robyn leads with integrity and has the training, experience and client results to back her up.

Wellbeing Coach for Entrepreneurs

- Ashley dreager

How others have shifted

Robyn helped me see and overcome blocks that I had been searching for, as well as blocks that I never knew existed. 

Working with her has been powerful and transformative. I'm holding the boundary with a client and not feeling the fear to people please. There’s no way I could put a price on the work we’ve done together. Nor can words truly convey the impact she’s had on my life. I am so thankful for crossing paths with her!

Director of marketing

Are you ready for your
Identity Shift?

I believe in transparency and giving my clients options.  here are the details you need to know:

Access to workbooks, courses, trainings  to amplify your progress. These aren't the fluffy workbooks you've done before, they are evidence based documents created from my years of experience working directly with high-performing business owners. 

Quarterly access to Million-Dollar Breakthrough. This is a program I run every 2-3 months because it works. For my clients and for my community. It's exactly the pattern interrupt my clients need to get motivated to hit their goals. It's the ultimate accountability and everyone who joins SHIFT gets a chance to be a part of it. 

Special pricing on future programs, retreats, etc. Yes, we are adding Million Dollar Breakthrough Retreats and other micro-programs into the mix all year long. 

Special invite to long term 1:1 support and pricing to continue your growth with Robyn by your side. Shift is the hard part - moving through these 5 shifts will completely change both you and your business. Which means after that we get to have more fun and flexibility in our relationship, at a special rate exclusively for members of Shift. 



4 months of unlimited Voxer support Tuesday to Thursday. This is where we get down and dirty, working through the day to day obstacles that you face both mentally and practically. The support I provide is unprecedented in this industry, no restrictions on how long or how many messages you can send. In fact, I encourage my clients to brain dump as it ignites their subconscious to bring forth the true answers they need to succeed. I spend anywhere from 5-20 hours a month with my clients. 

3 private 1:1 calls to use as you need them. Whether it's mindset or strategy or a mixture of both, the intensity in which we create change in Voxer matched with three 60-minute calls, ensures that you will move forward smashing milestone after milestone. 

One community call every 3 weeks to build relationships & mastermind. Not to toot my own horn, but I attract some of the most amazing women in the world. They aren't your typical "be in my energy" kind of gals, they are the most intelligent, innovative and kind  women - the exact kind of women you want to surround yourself with. It's no surprise that my clients become friends. 

Unlimited business review including marketing, financials, SOP's, etc. I can't be a great coach to you without also being your partner. Ensuring you have access to my unlimited business expertise in your back pocket every day: public relations, human resources, financial health, business health are all areas we will dive deep in our time together. 


4 monthly payments of

If you would like to put down a larger first payment, pay in full, or choose a different payment plan please reach out to chat. 


*Canadians pay in CAD + GST

This 1:1 experience is


A little about Robyn

My gifts as a listener & story teller run deep, and these gifts allow me to create empowering narratives that both challenge and uplift my clients.

With my power of insight I can predict the future of my clients long before they realize that future within themselves. I create opportunities for breakthroughs and transformation, that lead my clients to the path that is meant for them.

I am gifted with intuitively knowing how to empower and awaken others to their inner instincts, and help them access their intuitive voice in all decisions.

I thrive on working with women like me continue their journey with the self-trust, confidence, and uniqueness it takes to run a successful business and live a full life.

Frequently asked questions

Because your curious, thought filled mind wants answers

01. when can i start my shift?

02. Am i the right fit for this program?

The best part of Shift is that we take a fully customized, bespoke approach to our 4 month success plan. If you're an entrepreneur, C-suite exec, founder, coach, mentor or consultant ready to shed the societal roles and responsibilities put on you, and be 1000% uniquely <<your name>> this is the program you've been waiting for. 

03. I've made a bad investment before...

Friend, so have I - and I no longer let it define me or my future success. Which is why I make sure that all of my potential clients get a chance to talk to me to make sure we are the best fit. It's the first step in moving forward together. If you don't trust me, I want you to continue to talk to me until either you feel a "hell yes, let's go" or a "hell no, this isn't the path for me." 

04. I want to make a pivot in my biz is this for me? 

I'm all about focusing on your Zone of Excellence vs your Zone of Genius, so it's no surprise that changes will need to be made within your business. However not all pivot's will work inside this 4 months, so be sure to tell me more about your desire for change. 

05. What kind of businesses have you worked with? 

I've worked with best of the best in the industry. Here are just a few of the titles of successful clients:

  • Wellness Coach
  • Career Coach
  • Business Coach & Mentor
  • Job Search Strategist
  • Social Media Agency Founder
  • COO & VA Agency Founder
  • Copywriter
  • Marketing Coach
  • CFO of a multi-million dollar operation
  • CEO of a multi-million dollar operation
  • Mindset Coach
  • Lobbyist

And more!

06. I'm a corporate executive and don't own a business, Can i still join? 

Yes. I've worked with CEO's, COO's, CMO's and Directors from varying organizations and the work we do is not limited to owning a business. Identity work is the key for any high-achiever to finally feel the fulfilment climbing the corporate ladder was *supposed* to give you. I have over 15 years of executive leadership and experience to help you be the most sought-after C-suite exec in your industry. 

07. What is your cancellation & refund policy?

I choose my clients as carefully as they choose me, and I haven't had anyone need to access this clause. But should something happen and we need to cease services,  refunds may be given for monies paid minus the values of sessions already completed (calls, weeks of Voxer, access to trainings and resources, etc,) 

Let's cover some community guidelines

If you want to work with me you need to know the following

I am looking to work with dedicated and fierce women and those that identify as female, femme or non-binary, looking to grow both personally and professionally. In joining this community, you promise to dedicate time each week for your own personal growth. Whether that’s going through the course work, listening to podcasts or whatever else you choose to help you grow.

You understand that  you are an active participant in this process, and that you need to be working on your growth, asking questions, and taking action  to make the most of your time in the program.

You promise to explore mindset with curiosity. You will push yourself to be a confident, transparent and adaptable leader. 

You understand that 28% of my community (and growing) are Black, Indigenous, and Women of Colour, and almost 75% are neuro-diverse.  This community is inclusive, #BlackLivesMatter, fat shaming is not ok, and  BIPOC, LGBTQA2S, the neuro-diverse and all other marginalized communities are welcome here.
It is our mission to create an inclusive and safe community for us to thrive. 

Lastly, you understand that personal development is fun and rewarding and will remember to include a little bit of
laughter into each and every day. 

~ cheers, Robyn