The truth is that most biz coaches don’t know how to actually teach you how to make money (ooooh, the controversy!!)

And you're tired of spending more money on programs that don't tick the needle.

You're ready to finally learn the “why” beyond the “how”, so you have the confidence to take action and snatch that first (or next) $100k in sales. 

Your complex mind is ready for more. 

You've been in the industry for awhile... 

There's not a strategy you don't know, or a problem you can't help your clients to move through.

But when it comes to your own business, you feel like a duck - cool & calm above the water, paddling like hell underneath it.

Friend, you're not alone! I've seen it more times than I can count. 

You hit the magical $10k months, then drop back down again, your revenue line looking like an electrocardiogram with all the ups and down. 

It's not that you don't know how to do it, it's that you can't do it consistently without burning the candle at both ends. 

And frankly, up until this point you haven't had a hard time getting clients. 

So what's the problem?? 

Simply, You know you're meant for more. 

You're meant for more, but you keep 


in your own fkn way!!

"ALL OF MY CLIENTS HAVE DIFFERENT RESULTS" - You keep getting stuck on how to speak about your intangible transformation, because each client is different.  But you just can't translate all of the transformations into one specific result you can sell over and over again, and part of you doesn't want to because you want to continue working with such beautiful people.

"I DON'T WANT TO NICHE, MY COACHING IS POWERFUL FOR ANYONE" - Coaching IS one of the most powerful modalities in the world!! But saying "I can coach you through anything" isn't going to get you consistent clients that will pay you premium prices. You're resistance to niching is actually keeping you from making more money. 

"FOLKS AREN'T BUYING LIKE THEY USED TO" - Sure, buyers are more discerning than they were 3 years ago, but they're still there and they're still buying. The problem is that you're not marketing with the purpose of building TRUST with your dreamiest clients, who are already sold on investing in themselves. 

"I SHOULD BE FARTHER AHEAD" - Sorry to say it, but yes!!! You probably should be. Unfortunately you've held yourself back by allowing perfectionism and logic to override passion & innovation. Sure you're getting clients but it's not consistent enough for you to actually hit your income goals. 

"I'M COMFORTABLE WITH WHAT I HAVE RIGHT NOW" - Except that's a lie you tell yourself when you didn't hit the income goals you set for yourself, within the timeline you feel you *should* have met it within. 

I know because it happened to me too!!

I was in the kitchen with my husband, crying my eyes out because I felt like I was doing everything right and it still wasn't working.

 “It's like NO ONE understands ME!!!!” There's nothing in these programs I don't already know, but it's not fkn working for ME!"

I was frustrated, in debt, and my mindset was spiraling out of control.

I had given my power away to programs and mentors who truly didn’t understand how my complex mind worked.  

And I only had myself to blame!!

I didn't realize that what I needed was someone who understood how my complex, multi-hyphenate brain truly worked. 

That’s when everything changed…

I  went on my own journey... 

I worked deeply on my mindset, so I could erase the *should’s* and the conditioning of everything I’d been taught online.

I studied marketing & sales and what I realized was that so many online entrepreneurs were just teaching a strategy. The strategy that they used to get to $100k sales.

But their strategies didn't work for me, because what my complex mind needed to know was the "how" AND the "why".

I went back to the basics...

And I did something that no one was telling me was the key to scaling - I burned away everything I had been told, and followed my gut...

Who did I want to work with and why => my dream client
How did I want to serve them => my product suite
What is the message I need them to hear => my unique selling position

How can I make marketing & sales easier...

And how can I ensure that every one of my clients could get the results they desired? 

And with a new focus, and a revived passion I made my first $100k...
and then $200k... and that's when I knew... 

Soon I became...


... high-achievers need a different approach. 

Understanding their complex mind, we focused on the identity they had covered up long ago, and started to focus on a business that filled their souls.

<< And they found the passion for their craft again >>

I took everything I learned and applied it to the complex mind of a high-perforemer 

but don't take it from me... hear it directly from my clients...

As soon as I started teaching my strategy, I saw immediate success for my clients. 

Focusing on their dream client, had them shedding old ideas that they had to help everyone. 

<<They put up boundaries, fired unaligned clients,
& found the passion for serving their highest level of clientele>>

Honing in on the message they wanted to share with the world and reclaiming their "why" had clients flocking to their new found energy

<<And they started to make more money than they ever did before>> 

Before I hired Robyn as a coach I was on a constant circle of self-doubt, without real goals for my business. Thanks to her I was able to find the life-work balance that I was lacking plus all the resources that I needed to have great business foundations.

I signed two coaching clients in the same week, I started my new course build. I'm holding the boundary with a client and not feeling the fear to people please. I've now hit my first $8k month and I'm well on my way to $100k. 

 I've taken a leadership role in my own life and business through better business boundaries, money management and reworking my offers to fit my life.  I am confident about the long term sustainability of my business. 

Listen... every coach is going to tell you their program is THE best, it's THE only one out there. But Unstoppable is the real deal because it's not about MY strategy at all. It's about taking my knowledge of theory, strategy, and mindset and paving your own path to success by:

Unstoppable is unlike any program you've ever seen before...

  • Strengthening your business foundations
  • Positioning your product suite for longevity
  • Honing on on your messaging and unique selling proposition to attract your dream clients
  • Planning and execution of launch and promotion cycles so you can become a more profitable business owner. 

The collective that puts you back in control of your business with the confidence that will have you securing your first (or next) $100k in sales. 

The 1 year Plan

The Activate Phase helps you to get crystal clear and connected to your coaching niche. In these first 6 weeks, you will create the foundation for a successful coaching practice and use my signature framework for marketing one stand-out offer.  

The first 45 days

Next, you will focus on creating a sustainable & profitable business using the C.O.A.C.H framework. This is where your voice gets more powerful and the transformation you create for clients, more irresistible. This is the key to scaling past the $5k/month club. 

The 5 month plan 

This isn't your typical "stay with me for a year and I'll just coach you bi-weekly" type of program. No, we have three strategic phases to move through in order to get you to your first (or next) $100k.  

Is all about innovation, adding in micro-offers or group programs to add multiple touch points for your highest level of client to enter your world.  We will focus on advanced marketing & sales systems that will take you over the $100k mark. 

The next 6 months

You will also get access to any Robyn MacNeill Co. workshops, trainings, or mini-courses under $99 USD. 

Including Smash Your Sales Calls  and Pricing for Profit. 

Any program under $99 uSD




Only 10% of women make more than $100k per year, and only 1% make more than $250k. I want to change these numbers for women all around the world. 

One thing I've learned about the online industry, is that most business coaches are teaching strategies that aren't repeatable or sustainable, leaving many women making their first $10k cash month, only to dip back down again the next month. 

With The Profitability Project my goal is increase your business profit margins by 20%, putting more money back in your pocket. 

I felt empowered with the changes I wanted to make in my business after working with Robyn. I love how she coaches in a way that makes you think on a larger scale about the impact you want your business to have on others. 

Robyn was a lifesaver for my business. Before working with her, I was discouraged and overwhelmed and ready to throw in the towel. She helped me get back on track and really step into the space I was meant to be in. 

Robyn was amazing with her support. I gained so much business knowledge but more importantly my mindset continues to improve. That was my biggest takeaway is her encouraging words when I doubted myself.

Are you ready to become  

Join the collective today!!
This is an investment in the growth of your business, and in your own personal development. Bet on you and charge the high-ticket prices that allow you to live your life with a profitable business.


12 month commitment

Quarterly events, challenges, trainings & networking events. 

12 months of monthly calls with your cohort where you receive hot seat coaching, Q&A and a group mastermind atmosphere. 

Pay in full and you will receive a 2 hour strategy session  where you can choose to plan out your next launch, create a powerful marketing strategy, or get coached on mindset. 



A private Instagram community, to get coached in between calls. Ask questions and get coached by me LIVE! 

Access to The Unstoppable Vault, a collection of courses, trainings, workbooks, plug-n-play templates, meditation and mindset trainings to achieve success. 

Quarterly events, challenges, trainings & networking events. 

12 months of monthly calls with your cohort where you receive hot seat coaching, Q&A and a group mastermind atmosphere. 

A private Instagram community, to get coached in between calls. Ask questions and get coached by me LIVE! 

Access to The Unstoppable Vault, a collection of courses, trainings,  workbooks, plug-n-play templates, meditation and mindset trainings to achieve success. 



*** canadians = pay in Canadian dollars + GST here!! ***

Check out the accomplishments of my clients

Stay for $100k

I know that high performers are here to make the big moves

Which is why I guarantee that if you put in the time and work, this program will help you achieve your goals. 

I believe in you so much, that if you want my support for longer than 12 months you can continue to access the community for only $97/month.*  Once you make that first $100k in sales, you'll be ready for the Inner Circle. 

*Prices are subject to change at any time. To lock-in your price, join now!!

Working with Robyn has helped me in my business tremendously. I am a huge Introvert and struggle with showing up and staying consistent on Social Media -- particularly Instagram. As a fellow Introvert herself, she completely understood where I was coming from. She uses her experience of overcoming self-doubt and imposter syndrome in herself, to help her clients overcome their doubts. That is why her coaching just resonated and stuck with me so much. Not only does she understand the struggles, but she will also drop what she’s doing to help you prepare for your very first important discovery call. I truly enjoyed working with Robyn and highly recommend her to anyone considering a coach -- introvert or not -- she is the coach for you!. 

Meet Jennie

My gifts as a listener & story teller run deep, and these gifts allow me to create empowering narratives that both challenge and uplift my clients.

With my power of insight I can predict the future of my clients long before they realize that future within themselves. I create opportunities for breakthroughs and transformation, that lead my clients to the path that is meant for them.

I am gifted with intuitively knowing how to empower and awaken
others to their inner instincts, and help them access their intuitive voice in all decisions.

I thrive on working with women like me continue their journey with  the self-trust, confidence, and uniqueness it takes to run a successful business and live a full life.

Coaching is within my 

Meet your coach / program creator



What my client's say about coaching with me

When I first connected with Robyn, I was about six months into my business and I felt like I had absolutely nothing to show for it. I worked with a business coach (the standard 8 week program that promises you big money and success). I was posting every day, giving value, offering FREE  coaching sessions, resources, and time. I only made $231 dollars from a masterclass and I couldn’t sign a 1:1 client.  I made the decision to work with Robyn in  January of 2021.   3 months in I signed my first client for an intensive. 6 months in I created a membership for women in business and I began in June of 2021 to make consistent income for the first time in my business. And now I have served multiple clients in high-ticket containers.

Meet Geneva...

Frequently asked questions

still wondering if this program is right for you?
Maybe I can answer some questions.

You don't need to do anything that is aligned with your goals. I have the knowledge and expertise to help you build an effective funnel in phase 3, if that is your desire. I never tell you what to do, I'm just well versed in a variety of options that might work for you. 

Do i need complicated funnels to sell?

This is for anyone looking to add coaching, consulting, teaching, or mentorship to their product suite. A mini-course or passive income qualifies.  Although these strategies can help you grow a DFY business, my expertise is with the above. 

is this only for coaches?

This isn't exactly a beginner program, it's best for someone who has owned or operated a business for 6 months or longer. If you've already made $100k, this will help you make $100k+ more consistently. 

What if i've been in this for a few years? 

There's a stigma that the only way to success is to be coaching 1-1. And that's simply not true my friend!! When making your first $100k, the best approach is to be supported by others who are traveling the same path as you. A community is a great way to build a network and grow as a business owner. 

Will i get success in a group?

What if i have more questions?

The best way to get your questions answered is to reach out via DM on Instagram, or fill out the inquiry form and book a call with me. That way I have a clear understanding of you're unique business and how we can effectively work together. 

Do you help with marketing & sales?

Yes. Not only do I have ample experience in marketing, I also have extensive knowledge on sales systems. No icky sales tactics, only tried & tested strategies aimed at having you booked out and scaling your coaching practice without the extra effort. 

Let's cover some community guidelines

If you want to work with me you need to know the following

I am looking to work with dedicated and fierce women and those that identify as female, femme or non-binary, looking to grow both personally and professionally. In joining this community, you promise to dedicate time each week for your own personal growth. Whether that’s going through the course work, listening to podcasts or whatever else you choose to help you grow.

You understand that  you are an active participant in this process, and that you need to complete all assignments in order to make the most of your time in the program.

You promise to explore mindset with curiosity. You will push myself to be a confident, transparent and adaptable leader. 

You understand that 28% of my community (and growing) are Black, Indigenous, and Women of Colour, and almost 75% are neuro-diverse.  This community is inclusive, #BlackLivesMatter, fat shaming is not ok, and  BIPOC, LGBTQA2S, the neuro-diverse and all other marginalized communities are welcome here.
It is our mission to create an inclusive and safe community for us to thrive. 

Lastly, you understand that personal development is fun and rewarding and will remember to include a little bit of
laughter into each and every day. 

~ cheers, Robyn

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