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I am a self-confessed introverted entrepreneur, who was stuck in a world of extroverts. I kept trying a variety of different “techniques” that came so easily to other people, and failed more times than I could count.

It was because I didn’t have people talking to me who truly understood that introverts need to do it differently. I always felt like there was no one out there who truly understood what it was like to be an introverted entrepreneur. 

Once I was able to embrace my introverted-ness and use it to my advantage, I was finally able to move forward in my business. Through adaptation and transformation, I became a highly successful Social Media Manager and now, Coach to other introverted business women. It’s my goal to help all introverted women find their voice, embrace their uniqueness, and be able to sell their services with ease.

And that’s exactly what I want to do for YOU! I want to help you be successful while celebrating your introvert nature. Here’s how I have helped others, just like you!

Here's how we can work together to reach your goals

1-to-1 Coaching Program

So often introverts are told to do something, just like everyone else. The problem is that most times, “everyone else” are extroverts. Instead of pretending to be someone we are not, and draining all our energy, I have developed a process that helps you harness your introverted-ness. Introverts can be leaders, introverts can be experts and more importantly, introverts can be successful entrepreneurs.

Through coaching, I will first take you on a journey to build the foundations needed for any introverted entrepreneur to grow and find success. Here is my transformation as an introvert entrepreneur!

  • This program is for motivated individuals, looking to give 110% to a 4 month program. 

  • It’s for individuals looking to get a little uncomfortable in order to achieve the success I know is within you.

  • You are an introvert who is feeling the stress of running a business, because you are consistently comparing yourself to your competitors

  • You are feeling burnout from working with low-ticket, demanding clients and what to start offering high-ticket packages so you can work less without the stress

  • You are ready to scale up your business and know that investing in yourself is the best way to proceed 

  • After you complete a questionnaire, I will reach out to you to schedule a discovery call to ensure we are a good fit for each other. 

  • When you say YES!!! to investing in your future, we will kick off our time together with a 90 minute kick-off call (aptly named of course)

  • During our call we will take an in-depth look at your current business, talk about your goals, and start on the path of creating goals. I always set up call notes so you can have a detailed plan of attack after the call, with actionable steps to help you reach those goals

  • We will continue with 4 months of 1-to-1 coaching, where we will meet via Zoom bi-weekly to continue to dig deep into your goals, and ensure you are en route to reaching your introvert transformation
  • Between calls, you will have unlimited access to me (ok, during working hours of course – I do sleep sometimes) via Voxer so we can continue the conversation after your session, and I can help you work through any issues that arise 

I want to be real with you, this type of commitment is a four figure investment. But the real investment is the time and energy you will put into the program, so that you can turn around and re-coup the money spent. I will talk more about the pricing options on a discovery call. It’s no obligation (just a bit of time out of your day) so why not book it? You will even get a bit of free advice!!

90 Minute Coaching Intensive

Listen, I am the ultimate introvert and DIY’er when it comes to business, so I understand what it’s like to not want to pay for help. But let me tell you something: when I invested in my business, my momentum shifted and I was able to accomplish more in less time. Not only that, but I started to see that investing truly does bring you a return on your money.

I know that so many of you have goals you want to reach. If you have been trying to do this the long way, but you keep delaying due to *enter excuse here* then you are ready for someone to help dig into your business and refocus your mindset quickly

  • You are a DIY’er that likes to research everything, but are you are getting lost in all the information

  • You are feeling the stress of running a service based business and want to make more income without increasing your stress level

  • You are feeling burnout from working with low-ticket, demanding clients and want to start offering higher ticket packages
  • You want to start making 3-5k months consistently while working less
  • A pre-consultation form to ensure we make the most of our time together
  • A 90 minute Zoom call, where we will take an intensive look inside your business and create a plan for you to increase your income, work less and avoid burnout. The call will be recorded so you can always revisit it later
  • A detailed plan of attack after the call, with actionable steps to help you reach your goals
  • One (1) of Voxer access so we can continue the conversation after your session, and I can continue to help you work towards your goals

All of the above is included for just $297.

Frequently Asked Questions

Business coaching is a relationship and a partnership. Your coach will provide you with guidance, support and accountability as you navigate what it means to be an entrepreneur. Your coach will ask the hard questions that will get you thinking, creating and transforming in ways you didn’t know possible. You will allow yourself to get uncomfortable, because becoming unseated allows you the ability to transform. You will be honest with yourself and your coach, and allow the tough questions to be answered. You will actively participate in the process. 

Anyone can hire a coach. If you are ready to hire someone to help you get your business to the next stage, be sure to spend time researching them. Hiring a coach is deeply personal, so ensuring they are a good fit is the most important part. I will be honest that I don’t take all the applicants that apply for my program. If I do not feel we would work well together, I will do my best to refer to someone I see as a better fit. 

A mentor/consultant will provide you with a step-by-step plan on how to accomplish your goals. This is a systematic approach, that works well for when you are trying to learn a specific skill or program.

Coaching is more transformative, and focuses primarily on mindset. Although coaches follow a plan, it is not as systematic as mentorship. 

Sometimes you can find a coach who is both mentor and a coach, so be sure to research out your options. 

Not ready to fill out an application and want more info?

 Let’s schedule a no-obligation clarity call so I can answer all your questions, and you can see if this is the right fit. Or complete the form and I will get back to you within 2 business days.