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How badly do you want to sign at least one high ticket client?  A high-ticket client who values your services SO much that she scoops up your biggest offer and keeps coming back for more month after month.  That ONE person who could make or break your income goals and be the reason your business […]

How to Attract Your Next High Ticket Client – Part 2

Landing high-ticket ideal clients is the ultimate goal for most service-based entrepreneurs. After all, when you have higher paying clients, you don’t need to book as many to meet your income goals, which frees you up to serve fewer clients really well and reduce the time you spend on marketing yourself for new leads. But […]

How to Attract Your Next High Ticket Client – Part 1

Recently I decided to run a Pinterest mini-training on Instagram: 5 days to an optimized Pinterest Account. Let me tell you! It went better than I could have ever expected. I got to connect with tons of small business owners, ready to take their Pinterest account to the next level. Here is how they did […]

5 Days to an Optimized Pinterest Account

Now, I might have an unpopular opinion here, but I truly believe that Pinterest works differently for photographers, and therefore the tips and strategies will be different and a unique strategy will be necessary. I belong to a pretty popular society group on Facebook, and the other day a photographer asked about Pinterest. She had […]

Pinterest Tips for Photographers