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Robyn MacNeill.


For a really long time, I thought that being an introvert meant I wasn’t going to see the success others were experiencing in entrepreneurship.

How to Break all the Rules of Entrepreneurship and Build a Wildly Profitable Business as an Introvert

If you are here, you probably have received a negative review and you don’t yet know how to respond. That’s ok! After 10+ years of working in a customer focused industry, I am sharing my PR tips and tricks with you. Here is my strategy on how you can respond to a negative review DIFFERENT […]

How to Respond to a Negative Review

Recently I decided to run a Pinterest mini-training on Instagram: 5 days to an optimized Pinterest Account. Let me tell you! It went better than I could have ever expected. I got to connect with tons of small business owners, ready to take their Pinterest account to the next level. Here is how they did […]

5 Days to an Optimized Pinterest Account

Now, I might have an unpopular opinion here, but I truly believe that Pinterest works differently for photographers, and therefore the tips and strategies will be different and a unique strategy will be necessary. I belong to a pretty popular society group on Facebook, and the other day a photographer asked about Pinterest. She had […]

Pinterest Tips for Photographers