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This is a question that people ask all the time, and the answer is – we are all leaders in our own right. We adapt our leadership styles based on several factors: Previous experiences – Our experiences as a leader, and being led shapes the way we lead others in the future Environment – You […]

Tune in: Apple Podcasts – Spotify – Direct We’ve found that when we don’t plan every little detail out, we market and sell more authentically. In fact, the data shows that those times when we feel most passionate and aligned to our true selves, we’ve had the greatest reach and engagement and sales success as entrepreneurs.   […]

Tune in: Apple Podcasts – Spotify – Direct What if Social Media is Dead PART 2 is here by popular demand!  We recorded PART 1 right before the social media sensation CLUBHOUSE came on the scene.  If you missed PART 1, check it out right here.  Is Clubhouse the new IT place to be as an […]

How badly do you want to sign at least one high ticket client?  A high-ticket client who values your services SO much that she scoops up your biggest offer and keeps coming back for more month after month.  That ONE person who could make or break your income goals and be the reason your business […]

Tune in: Apple Podcasts – Spotify – Direct When we were thinking about who we’d love to interview as our very first podcast guest – we both thought of Peggy – and for a very special reason – she introduced us about a year ago!  Peggy Re James started her entrepreneurial journey as a Virtual […]

Tune in: Apple Podcasts – Spotify – Direct Have you noticed that some big names in the online space are announcing that they’re taking their businesses off Instagram? And these are businesses that built their entire empire on that single platform! What is that about?? Do they know something we don’t know?  We want to know […]

A new way of thinking about content marketing Tune in: Apple Podcasts – Spotify – Direct Have you ever woken up to find that your favorite social media platform has completely wiped your bio and links to your sales page from public view? And – has that ever happened to you on the morning you’re trying […]

What if… We Started a Podcast? The Marketing Unscripted Podcast Origin Story Tune in: Apple Podcasts – Spotify – Direct Sneak Peek into the episode: It all started when we realized we were having some amazing conversations and also some success with putting a few unconventional ideas about how to market and grow our businesses into […]

Landing high-ticket ideal clients is the ultimate goal for most service-based entrepreneurs. After all, when you have higher paying clients, you don’t need to book as many to meet your income goals, which frees you up to serve fewer clients really well and reduce the time you spend on marketing yourself for new leads. But […]

Every single entrepreneur in the world is looking for ways to accelerate the growth of their business. If you’re looking for a magic pill, I’m sorry to be the one to tell you there isn’t one. This goes for magic strategies too… If you’ve been in the online business game for more than ten minutes, […]

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